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  • Rose Waymire
    Oct 1, 2000
      Hi Teresa, Welcome to the group! This is a subject I have not had to
      deal with since I haven't gotten far enough with my RV restoration
      project to even try out the water supply yet. I have been reading for
      a year now (everything I can get my eyes on) and the only thing I can
      add is to add RV antifreeze to your system. There is probably a
      siphon tube on your water pump so you can put a hose on it and then
      directly into the bottle of fluid and the pump will suck the fluid
      directly into the water system. There should be a bypass for the
      water heater (which must be comletely drained) so you don't have to
      fill it with fluid. After you have the antifreeze throughout the
      system turn on the faucets until fluid runs out. Don't froget the
      rinser on the toilet. Now just pour a little antifreeze down the P-
      traps in the sinks and add some to the grey and black water tanks.
      This will prevent any accumulated water,in the low spots that didn't
      drain, from freezing. I am not aware of a step by step website that
      will walk you through this although it is a great idea for anyone who
      is thinking of doing their own RV page. Hope this helps a little.

      Rose from Nebraska where the winters are downright awful most of the

      --- In classicrv@egroups.com, Teresa Holt <tftlh@u...> wrote:
      > We are first-time RV owners (83 Minnie Winnie 24"). I know this
      > question seems pretty basic - and you folks have probably answered
      > many times :-)
      > What is essential in winterizing an RV?
      > We have it under a carport and have power available. We live in
      > Sitka,Alaska. It stays in the 30's most of the winter - sometimes
      > dropping below zero for several weeks, but usually above freezing.
      > purchased one of those boat/camper blowers that is supposed to keep
      > mildew out. We have turned off the propane and emptied the water
      > tanks. What else should we watch out for?
      > If there an information site that could walk us through this?
      > Thanks
      > Teresa and Robert Holt
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