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  • Frogmobile
    Nov 1, 2004
      I get the wrong "correct" parts from auto parts places lots of
      times. Sometimes the parts place has wrong info in the computer, and
      sometimes the manufacturer sends bad data.

      Try looking the parts up under a different brand, and the look up the
      interchange for the part. Not a foolproof system, though.

      BTW, it's been my experience that when the counter guy is wrong and you're
      right, the manager gives a lukewarm apology then shrugs it off.


      At 10:36 PM 10/31/04, you wrote:

      >"jaaybird" <jaaybird1@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Looked at the Bilsten site:
      > > They said for my class C, '5 Fleetwood Jamboree Rallye that the
      > > FRONT should have B-46-1105, and the rear B-46-1106. Also siad that
      > > autozone carries them. Called autozone, and the said B-36-1328 9F),
      > > AND b-46-1327 (R). WHO IS RIGHT?
      > >
      >Jay: I have no idea, but I would think a call to Autozone's headquarters
      >would resolve the issue. Won't the manager at the store you called make
      >such a simple call for you? OTOH, I might just rather call 'em myself
      >and let the store manager know just to see the look on his (or her) face!
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