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  • Rich
    Aug 1, 2004
      Many moons ago out on the ranch, I can remember using softened water
      in all the batteries, because it seemed like it was better than well
      water, and don't remember that causing a problem.

      Well after that, in the early 60"s, while I was servicing cars at a
      GM dealership, the battery filler was filled from a faucet in the
      restroom where no customers could see it.

      Then for many years I would use distilled water whenever I could
      steal it from the wifes supply w/o getting caught, otherwise it came
      from city water.

      And now for many years I've used R/O water from our kitchen.

      And my conclusion is that any water is much better than no water,
      and Batteries usually last, and seldom out last their warranty
      period, (before they start going downhill in capacity) no matter
      what kind of water is used.


      --- In classicrv@yahoogroups.com, "mnet56chief" <mnet56@m...> wrote:
      > Just a tip for rural folks , don't use softened water to top off
      > batteries, they will wind up with a real short life.
      > Use the water direct from well or purchase distilled water.
      > Safe Traveling
      > DryLand Sailer
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