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17783Re: [classicrv] Re: 70's Landau with a Spicer Aux Tranny??

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  • Sterling Voth
    Jun 1, 2004
      This sounds like it might possibly be a "Brownie Box" transmission to me. A
      Brownie box is an old time heavy duty truck auxilary transmission. It
      mounted behind the regular transmission and had 3 or 4 auxillary speeds.
      Regular trucks like dump trucks, 18 wheelers, etc. would then have two stick
      shift levers. One for each transmission. Was a crazy combination of
      shifting one and then the other in odd combinations to give a large number
      of gears. These were replaced in later years by the multiple speed
      transmissions and 2 speed rear ends that we see today in 18 wheelers. I
      have never driven one but seen a couple in some old dump trucks down in
      Louisiana. From what I have heard it was only the very best drivers that
      could ever drive one as imagine double clutching a very large truck and
      having to shift "two" transmissions on the fly all in sync and at a certain
      engine rpm, etc. All before you have to re-engage the clutch. Took some
      real skill and practice to do that, but once they mastered it had many
      speeds instead of 4 or 5 of a regular truck. If what you have is a "brownie
      box" then it was not originally designed to be used with an automatic, but
      as mentioned, could be shifted sitting still, or on the fly with some
      careful timing of the shifts. Might even try quickly putting the auto in
      neutral while driving and shifting the aux trans and then qukcly shifting
      the auto back into drive. Reason that this thing probably bolts up to your
      automatic transmission is because 4 wheel drive transfer cases fit either
      auto or manual transmissions because of the 4 wheel drive rear trailhousing
      that you can install on a regular 2 wheel drive automatic transmission.
      Previous owner could have installed the 4 wheel drive rear section and
      output shaft for the auto, or simply installed an entire auto trans from a 4
      wheel drive vehicle and then the aux trans would bolt right up to that You
      can read some more info on these at the following old GMC and Chevy truck


      >From: jeff hammers <roundedrvs@...>
      >To: classicrv@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [classicrv] Re: 70's Landau with a Spicer Aux Tranny??
      >Date: Tue, Jun 1, 2004, 7:45 AM

      > Don't know about the Landau but the Travco has a transmission (with
      > linkage). The owner says that he thinks it was intended to be shifted only
      > when sitting still (off roading at Baha?) but that he can let off the gas
      > and "sneak" it into another gear....done that with cars without a working
      > clutch myself.
      > argosymH <Reconstructor24@...> wrote:Are you sure it is not an
      > overdrive/underdrive? Standard trans needs a clutch to disengage
      > so you can change gears, it would be he** trying to shift with an automatic
      > ahead of it.
      > Overderive will probably be electric or vacuum operated, trans will have a
      > John
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