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14421Furnace Question - NO Flame, NO Ignition

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  • Ric Barton
    Oct 1, 2003
      Anyone using a Suburban Mfg. Furnace in their motor home? In our 1987 Tioga
      Arrow, we have a model NT30SP 30,000 BTU unit that will simply not light. It
      is self-igniting and has been a little "flaky" the last 2 times we've used
      it, in that it would not light after several tries. Then, just trying on a
      fluke during a test of my appliances, it started right up, the next

      I took a look at it last night, as we are supposed to take a mountain trip
      this weekend and it's supposed to be a bit chilly. I pulled what I believe
      to be the main burner out. The unit has two wires going into this area from
      the far right side (gas input) of the furnace. One wire is similar to a 7mm
      spark plug wire and the other is a braided steel wire. Both go into ceramic
      posts, similar to the igniter on a gas grill. The other side of these posts
      terminate over a long, fluted chamber, which I think is the burner. The
      other end of this chamber/tube fits over an orifice on the back side of the
      furnace, that has a hole in the center. I would guess this is where the LP
      might feed from, but I'm not sure as I can find no docs on this thing.

      I found a couple of dead carpenter bees in the furnace around this area. I
      cleaned everything very well with a shop vac, including covering the
      "feeder" tube with the vac nozzle to clean it out. Still no luck when I
      tried starting it.

      We used to hear the "click-click" sound just before the furnace blower would
      kick on, which I know was the igniter. Now the blower just blows cold air.
      The thermostat and blower are obviously okay. I don't ever smell any LP nor
      will the igniter "click" before the blower comes on, although there appears
      to be current at the posts.

      Any ideas? No furnace means no wife going camping with us. No wife going
      camping means the kids probably won't want to go because we'll all feel
      guilty leaving her at home. My 14 year old daughter was looking forward to
      this trip because she is having spinal surgery next Thursday and won't be
      able to do anything active for at least 6-8 months. We really hoped to get
      to go because of this.

      Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

      Ric and Lynn Barton
      Acworth, GA
      1987 Tioga Arrow (23ft Class C)
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