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11422Anyone totally remodel an OLD RV? ('69 Nomad here)

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  • croneswisdom@juno.com
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Hey Folks,
      I was wondering of anyone here had totally remodeled an OLD Travel Trailer and replaced the original counter top?
      I took out the original stove/oven yesterday and will be placing a microwave in that spot, but I now need to cut a board that fits the hole left in the countertop. I am debating whether to just place a board that fits tightly in that space and recover the entire counter top with formica type stuff OR tear the whole thing out and have a new one cut to fit. Or, place a board in that empty spot and cover it all with thin tile (and a splash board.)
      Any ideas or experience with this will be appreciated.
      ~CL in N. Texas

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