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1045672 Dodge Motorhome -- UPDATE!

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  • aladixiebelle
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Hi to all ! Thanks for all the replies :-)I have now found out our RV
      is indeed a Dodge Sightseer ! On the sides in faint lettering,
      is "SIGHTSEER" -- We found it last night when the light over the
      garage reflected on it from a side view ! Isn't that something ??
      After washing that thing and looking until we were cross-eyed for
      some clue and seeing nothing ! But now we at least know what it is !
      Now we continue to look for the VIN#, of which we now have another
      clue of where to look, as we'll do today. Now I am searching for more
      info on the Sightseer model. We know it's made by Travco (and yes, we
      are members of the mytravco.com site) we have gained some info, but
      would sure like more; like how long was production, how many made,
      etc. So our search continues as we restore it. Any help here would
      certainly be appreciated :-) Thanks to all who strived to help and
      will keep you updated. Happy Rving to one and all :-)
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