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10251Re: [classicrv] Re: RED HOT EXAUST MANIFOLD

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  • Rich
    Nov 2, 2002
      If an exhaust system is plugged or severely restricted, I doubt that the manifolds or headers would ever turn red. If the fire can't burn, it won't do much heating. I know when my manifolds are burning red ! It's when I'm wound tight in 2nd gear trying to hold 55 mph pulling 14000 lbs up an 8 mile 6% grade !! :)))))


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      If the exhaust was plugged, most likely the engine won't rev up. I
      had a converter break apart on a truck and as a result, I could only
      drive very gently in low RPM. Flooring it would only make it jerk and

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      > BAFFLED DAN,
      > A blocked up catalitic convertor or exhaust system will cause this
      > condition. But when this is the case performance is poor due to the
      > engine not being able to breath.
      > I have seen catalitic convertors come apart and the pieces get
      > trapped in the muffler causing the same condition. Kinked pipes
      > also create back preassure and heat things up.
      > Bob.

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