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Re: [classiccitycycling] Will it Really be Safe?

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  • JoeFoxAthens@gmail.com
    Good morning everyone. The ride from Winterville at *1:00 pm* from Pittard Park is on for today. We have confirmed with Rik. We will see you there! Joe On
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 15, 2011
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      Good morning everyone.

      The ride from Winterville at 1:00 pm from Pittard Park is on for today.  We have confirmed with Rik.  We will see you there!


      On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 9:56 PM, Richard Oswalt <richardoswalt@...> wrote:

      Because I'm co-leading the NGBB ride Sat. from Winterville,Friday I drove the scheduled route and some other nearby roads (such as to Watson Mill).  Nearly every street had at least one spot where ice COMPLETELY covered it, and nearly every time I came to a place where tall trees formed a sun-blocking wall, there was trouble.  So good luck with the WBL's ride.  By the way, I did come up with an alternate route using just two roads, both out and backs (Arnoldsville Rd to Yancey, Robert Hardeman/Morton to Belmont).  Crappy, but cabin fever should spur a few of us to settle for crappy.
      Be safe, Rik

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      The WBL website only shows an 11am start time. I've been on that side of town today and everything is still a mess. I can't imagine that route out of town being clear if you consider the roads we'll be traveling. There is a lot of shade and low spots after Prince Ave. And there is still ice on the road on Prince near The Grit. 
      I was planning on trying it and simply staying well toward the back of the pack. 
      I'm also up for a smaller group ride around Oconee and surrounding counties. Either way I would plan on walking the bike in spots. 

      Mark R. Yount

      On Jan 14, 2011, at 4:04 PM, Steve Kogan <smkogan@...> wrote:

      Well, Superdraft was pretty sanguine about riding with the WBL tomorrow, but I'm still worried. It seems like that slushy, icy snow stuff is staying on some roads, particularly when there is shade. Some of it will refreeze into ice tonight and probably won't melt in the shade tomorrow morning. I know spots on New High Shoals are currently bad, at 4pm today even with the warmer temps.

      It seems like it just takes one icy spot somewhere with that huge fast moving peloton and "slam!" people are on the ground. On the other hand, if 5-10 antelope-type people are riding together for 60 miles, we can communicate and slow down and be a bit more careful. I'll even pull as much as anyone wants me to.

      Lenny, are you out there? do you think WBL will be safe tomorrow, from a Canadian perspective?

      I'm not afraid of the effort and want to do the WBL, but hitting tarmac when you could predict there is danger (duh, icy roads anyone?) is really pretty stupid. 

      Steve Kogan

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