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  • Steve Boyette
    Jan 8, 2011
      Ha!  My hardtail 29er probably wasn't any more suited than yours.  I did seem to be making a lot of unseemly and unnatural noises and utterances on a regular basis.  I think I need to practice elsewhere a while yet.

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      I would say that Hertiage is badass in any weather! I tried it a couple of times when I still had my mountain bike, got frustrated, and made up excuses like (1) well, screw it -- I'm just a roadie anyhow; or (2) my hard-tail 29er just wasn't the right tool for the job(?).

      I always liked Yargo better, because I could actually have fun there. Chicopee woods up near Gaineville was fun, too.

      --- In classiccitycycling@yahoogroups.com, Steve Boyette <rcboyette@...> wrote:
      > Well, not that I would even begin to consider myself a badass at this point in
      > time, but I did manage to go mountain biking at heritage park this afternoon. 
      > The wind just never seems to be a factor in the woods.  Of course, I almost
      > killed myself several times and decided to cut it short as it also tends to get
      > darker earlier in the woods.  This was my first excursion to heritage park and I
      > think I can now say that I get what everyone means when they say "it's
      > technical" when compared to fort yargo.
      > Kudos to everyone that got out and did something today!
      > Steve B.
      > ________________________________
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      > Subject: [classiccitycycling] This week's award goes to . . .
      > So there I was, 16 miles into an 18-mile run. (I know this is a cycling group
      > but I'm getting to that.) Lunging hard straight into the teeth of the wind.
      > Thinking what a badass I was, especially given that there were very few cyclists
      > out and about today; thinking, to wit, that upon completion of my run I would
      > have no choice but to nominate myself for the Badass of the Week Award.
      > Alas, just as I strode past the pipeline terminal on the access road, near the
      > silos, came two cyclist barreling down before the wind, on the way home from
      > battling the elements, no doubt, in the wild winterlands of Jaxco. While it was
      > a joy too recognize (a little slowly in my depleted state) the faces, and the
      > strong big-mile cadence, of Joe and Leonard, this also meant that the award
      > could not, in good conscious, be given to my humble self. As I much as I
      > suffered, I did not envy anyone brave enough to mount a bicycle today.
      > Therefore, without further ado (and before my comma-counter goes into the red
      > zone) I nominate, and raise a glass to, Joe, Leonard, and any other fool (I
      > mean, uh, hard-core cyclist) who was out there today to share the Badass of the
      > Week Award.
      > Bruce

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