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649Re: [classiccitycycling] Saturday Morning Antelope Ride

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  • b badger
    Sep 3, 2010
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      I weaseled out of my Saturday morning commitment and am planning on coming.  I think I have enough time to do the long ride of 50 miles on Len's odometer, which is 65 on the rest of ours.

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      HI Everyone,

      Saturday morning is looking outstanding for our weekly ride. Temperatures will be cool.  We ride out to Greshamville Mall where people decide to go short (40-45) or long 60-70. Pace is about 18mph ave. Leave at 8AM Watkinsville Courthouse.

      I know AlanB, BruceJ, Lenny and I will be there. Who else is in?

      Steve Kogan

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