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288411959 cadillac Carter AFB

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  • starcommand777
    Sep 30, 2013
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      Trying to figure out once and for all how to set the idle speed , mine has factory AC and I was using the round barrel nut by the firewall . The motors manual says to use the center big screw on the card to set the speed and adjust the 2 smaller screws for the fastest idle? Was using the barrel nut by the firewall to idle up or down incorrect? If the center screw on the carb should be used to idle up or down then what is the purpose of that barrel nut on the bracket,  by the firewall.. I had the carb rebuilt about 5 years ago, lately the car dies when I run it down the road and go into a sharp  left hand turn... it dies completely,... It does not die when I stop at a stop sign or go into a  sharp right turn.... Was thinking the floats set too low???  It never did that before , and the carb doesnt even have 2000 miles on it, as I only drive the car on Sundays..... once a week..... other than that, the carb works great, no flooding and no hesitation .........  Was thinking perhaps since I am usng the barrel nut by the firewall to set the idle speed, perhaps the linkage is shifting when I make a sharp left turn from a speed of about 40 mph... I dont want to mess with the floats if it is a linkage or idle adjustment issue................



      Any ideas , would be helpfull....

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