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Jefferson City, Missouri

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  • Jack Hultquist
    Jefferson City, Capital of Missouri Letters written by Harrison B. Talbert, Third Indiana Battery Jeff City Cole Co Mo April 16th 1862 Dear and Esteemed Uncle
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      Jefferson City,
      Capital of Missouri
      Letters written by
      Harrison B. Talbert,
      Third Indiana Battery
        April 16th 1862

             Dear and Esteemed Uncle

      [.....].  On Sunday knight there was four men came into Jeff City and passed themselves off as soldiers.  They had on cavalry uniform and was riding on horseback and leading two or three horses.  They tried to cross the [Missouri] river on the ferry boat, and they had no pass and was immediately arrested and sent to the guard house in care of the guards.  But before reaching the guard house they broke away and ran and mounted their horses and started off at full speed.  The guards told them to halt but they paid no attention to them. The guards fired at them as they ran and wounded the one above mentioned and slightly wounding his horse under him.  But he held on to his horse until he ran about half a mile and then fell off.  The other three escaped.  And about 40 or 50 mounted infantry followed in pursuit but hasent caught them as I have yet heard.  The one that was wounded said they were deserters from the 10th Illinois Cavalry.  .  But it is generally believed that they were spies from Prices army.   [.....].




      Jefferson  City Cole  County  Mo

      Tuesday May the 20th 1862

          Esteemed Uncle and Aunt

      [.....].   The secesh is very quiet around here now, but I am afraid they will soon commence collecting in little squads and committing depridations on the union people, as the trees and bushes is now in full bloom, which gives them all the advantage, and a good chance to bush wack.  The cowardly and ignorant rebels how darest they risk their lives in such a cause.  [.....].   They have got several secesh officers prisoners here at Jeff City.  And only yesterday they arrested a Major that was from Prices Army.  He rode a horse into town and went and gave himself up to the Provost Marshal acknowledgeing what he was.  Thinking they would make him take the oath and then be released.  But General Totten who is pretty severe ordered him to be arrested and confined which was immediately done.  He (General Totten) thinking he was a spy.  Enough of that.  There is a good many troops here now and they are coming every day.  I dont understand such a movement but hope it is all for the best.  There is a heap of horses here now to feed and forage is very scarce.



      Jefferson  City  Mo

      July  the  27th [1862]

         Dear Brother & Sister

         [.....].  There has been right smart of excitement at Jeff City for the last day or two.  Some prospect of the secesh attacking Jefferson City.  On the 25th there was rebel spies in our camp and in several other camps around Jeff City. On the same night they attacked a small town on the other side of the river and had a right smart little brush, I havent heard the particulars.  Yesterday two of our guns was ordered over the Mo River, two more was stationed on a road leading from Jeff City, the other two on another road.  Pickets are stationed on every road two or three miles from town.  An attack is expected [.....].  P. S.  Firing from cannons having been heard today on the other side of the river in the directions our guns went.  Nothing has been heard from them.




      Jefferson  City  Mo    July - 31st

      Dear Brother Alpheus

      Considerable of an excitement on this side of the river. Gurrillas not far off.  An attack on Jeff City apprehended.  Our battery is now in four different parts two guns on the other side of the river and four on this side.  Two stationed at cross roads 1 / 2 mile S. E. of Jeff City.  Two stationed on another road leading from Jeff City.  And some of the boys are left to guard the big guns and camp equipage at the old camp.  Pickets are stationed at a considerable distance from town on every road.  Rebel spies was run out of our camps not many nights since.  We keep a close lookout all the time and hold ourselves ready for an attack at any time.  For the last two nights we have had orders from headquarters to keep our horses harnessed all night.  I do not feel any alarmed.  Although they may attack this place before another week.  But I think they will have a nice time of it before they get Jeff City in their possession.  Volunteering is going on at a rapid rate here at Jeff City.  Citizens of all descriptions are pouring into town every day.  Upwards of six hundred volunteered in one day this week.  A secesh boat went up the river one day this week. Suspicioned it to be of this kind and took two rbls off of it that had made their escape from some prison. And while searching for more the boat shoved off taking with it three soldiers that were searching, and would not again come to land.  Since [then] they have planted one or two of the M. S. M. cannons where they can put a ball through a boat if they refuse to land.  And since I have been writing I heard a cannon fire and soon after I heard a boat whistle and it came to shore (they fired a blank ca[r]tridge for a warning).  [.....].

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