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  • Bob Huddleston
    I stumbled on these by accident. The entire collection of Ohio History, the Ohio Historical Society s scholarly magazine is on line, as is a delightful tour
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2002
      I stumbled on these by accident. The entire collection of "Ohio
      History," the Ohio Historical Society's scholarly magazine is on line,
      as is a delightful tour of the Ohio Battle Flags, most from the Civil

      Below are the links; the verbiage is from the sites.

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      10643 Sperry Street
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      Fight for the Colors provides online access to one of the most
      significant and popular Ohio Historical Society collections, the Ohio
      Battle Flag Collection. Ohio soldiers carried the flags, known as
      colors, in the Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I
      and World War II. There are more than five hundred flags in the
      collection, the majority of which are from the Civil War.

      Ohio History was established in June 1887 as the Ohio Archaeological and
      Historical Quarterly. For more than one hundred years, the journal has
      published scholarly works on topics spanning the political, military,
      social, economic, and cultural history of our region.
      The creation of this archive involved scanning and digitizing some
      53,000 pages of text.
      Update - Current Issues Online in Fall 2002
      Starting this autumn, Ohio History will post current issues of the
      journal online. The Winter-Spring 2002 issue, scheduled for release this
      April, will be the last issue of the journal in print. Because the
      online version will be available to all Internet users free of charge,
      subscriptions will be discontinued.
      The online journal will continue to publish the scholarly works enjoyed
      by readers of the print journal, including peer-reviewed articles, book
      reviews, and notices of events for history professionals of Ohio and the
      Midwest. You will also have the option to download current articles in
      Adobe PDF format.
      The decision to convert to an online journal was prompted by cuts in
      project funding. However, the benefits of a free, online version of Ohio
      History include a wider audience for the journal and the capability to
      increase published material without an increase in cost.

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