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The Blair family

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  • L. A. Chambliss
    Whoa... There WAS a Francis Blair Sr. let us remember. (Of course logic suggests there would have to have been such a person in order for there to have been a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2002
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      There WAS a Francis Blair Sr. let us remember. (Of course logic suggests there would have to have been such a person in order for there to have been a Francis P. Blair Jr.)  Frank Sr. was the brother of Montgomery (the Postmaster General) Blair and father, as mentioned, of Gen. Frank Blair Jr.

      The family, as far as I know, first got heavily into politics as buddies of Andrew Jackson, decided to make it the family business, and stayed. Frank Jr. went out to Missouri and became powerful in St. Louis. He was the one Nathaniel Lyon turned to when he feared his commander was possibly of secessionistic sympathies; the two connived to get him out of town long enough for Lyon to pull off the seizure of Camp Jackson. (Those who know me as "Xan" from the chat board will remember that I am virtually incapable of having a Civil War conversation without the name of Nathaniel Lyon coming into it somewhere.)

      Frank Blair Sr. is mostly remembered for two acts, one at the beginning of the war and one near the end. He is (supposedly) the one who carried the offer of command of the Union forces to Robert E. Lee, which Lee as we all know declined. Then at the end he was one of them who shuffled back and forth to Richmond bearing various peace/conciliation/cessation of hostilities/etc. offers, all of which became moot at Appomattox.

      What he did inbetween times I don't know.

      Laurie (Xan) Chambliss
      Civil War Interactive

      wh_keene wrote:

       Thank you.  The differing use of Frank and Francis had me confused,
      thinking there were 2 different people.

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      > They were one in the same. Francis Preston Blair, Jr.
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      Blair family
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      > > <tt>
      > > Can anyone tell me if Francis P. Blair and Frank (also P.?) Blair
      > > were related?&nbsp;&nbsp; During the war, Francis was (I think) a
      congressman <BR>
      > > from Missouri and would later be Democratic Vice
      Presidential.&nbsp; I'm <BR>
      > > pretty sure he was related to Montgomery Blair, Lincoln's <BR>
      > > postmaster.&nbsp; Frank was an officer in the Army of Tennessee,
      > > commanding a division under Sherman during the Vicksburg campaign
      and <BR>
      > > after, and I think he was also from Missouri.&nbsp; <BR>
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