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Re: [civilwarwest] Just how big a threat was French or British intervention a...

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  • Robert Taubman
    But really, what does this have to do with the Civil War in the West? ... From: To: Sent: Saturday,
    Message 1 of 31 , Dec 29, 2001
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      But really, what does this have to do with the Civil War in the West?

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      intervention a...

      | Tim: I may be thickheaded here, but it seems you made some big leaps. You
      | start with a "what if recognition" premise and build with more "what ifs"
      | towards an absolute conclusion. I also think you avoided Wakefield's
      | essential question centered on the south's internal distribution problem.
      | Since I am finding both your premise and logic somewhat muddy, I'll ask some
      | clarifying questions. 1.) Would the French or British sitting in the Gulf
      | served merely as a blockade or would they have also supplied the Confederacy?
      | 2.) If they would have played quartermaster, who would have paid for war
      | necessaries coming from Europe? As I understand it the Confederacy didn't
      | have much credit with international bankers. 3.) How would the CSA
      | distributed these supplies from ship to army camps in both theaters?
      | In addition, I always thought that the North imported very little from Europe
      | to supply the war effort. 4.) If that's the case, how would a fleet sitting
      | in the gulf have impeded northern distribution of rich Midwestern harvests
      | and Eastern manufactured goods to New Orleans and elsewhere via the liquid
      | river highways and the Great Lakes/Erie Canal system which was in their sole
      | control, not to mention an increasingly efficient railroad system? 5.) What
      | would the specific adverse affects of world ostracism have been? 6.) What
      | indicators do you have that the world would have acted in unison towards the
      | American war? 7.) Would Russia, the Netherlands, Austro-Hungary have acted
      | in concert with France or England. My guess is that recognition by some of
      | the world's nations would have resulted in a diplomatic chess game with new
      | alignments playing off of each other. I'd bet that if some or even many
      | countries had came out for the South others would have jumped at the
      | opportunity to back the North. Connie
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    • jaaah@tbcnet.com
      Never mind it, Carl! Thanks for the heads-up, I ll pick up a copy. ... Download NeoPlanet at http://www.neoplanet.com
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 9, 2002
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        Never mind it, Carl! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll pick up a copy.

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        > <html><body>
        > <tt>
        > oh me of little faith!<BR>
        > Addison, I was privately wondering if you were buying into some <BR>
        > baloney when you posted this, but apology tendered: there is a picture <BR>
        > in today's WASHINGTON TIMES showing a picture of the frigate Osliaba <BR>
        > "... visit[ing] Alexandria in 1863 in a symbolic show of support for <BR>
        > the U.S. Government." Havent read the article yet but looks pretty <BR>
        > good.<BR>
        > --- In civilwarwest@y..., jaaah@t... wrote:<BR>
        > > Tsar Alexandre II had his entire Imperial Navy docked at Alexandria <BR>
        > Harbor from late 1863 to October 1864. Alex was preparing for war <BR>
        > against England or France if 1) either of those two nations went to <BR>
        > help the Confederates against the Yanks, the Russian's allies, or 2) <BR>
        > if Poland rebelled and attempted to overthrow the Russian overlords. <BR>
        > Both England and France would have supported Poland in such an affair, <BR>
        > and Russia wanted it's navy to be in a safe, and secret place just in <BR>
        > case that ever happened. Of course, none of it ever did come to pass.<BR>
        > <BR>
        > <BR>
        > </tt>
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