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Re: [civilwarwest] Just how big a threat was French or British intervention a...

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  • Aurelie1999@aol.com
    Tim: I may be thickheaded here, but it seems you made some big leaps. You start with a what if recognition premise and build with more what ifs towards an
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      Tim: I may be thickheaded here, but it seems you made some big leaps. You
      start with a "what if recognition" premise and build with more "what ifs"
      towards an absolute conclusion. I also think you avoided Wakefield's
      essential question centered on the south's internal distribution problem.

      Since I am finding both your premise and logic somewhat muddy, I'll ask some
      clarifying questions. 1.) Would the French or British sitting in the Gulf
      served merely as a blockade or would they have also supplied the Confederacy?
      2.) If they would have played quartermaster, who would have paid for war
      necessaries coming from Europe? As I understand it the Confederacy didn't
      have much credit with international bankers. 3.) How would the CSA
      distributed these supplies from ship to army camps in both theaters?

      In addition, I always thought that the North imported very little from Europe
      to supply the war effort. 4.) If that's the case, how would a fleet sitting
      in the gulf have impeded northern distribution of rich Midwestern harvests
      and Eastern manufactured goods to New Orleans and elsewhere via the liquid
      river highways and the Great Lakes/Erie Canal system which was in their sole
      control, not to mention an increasingly efficient railroad system? 5.) What
      would the specific adverse affects of world ostracism have been? 6.) What
      indicators do you have that the world would have acted in unison towards the
      American war? 7.) Would Russia, the Netherlands, Austro-Hungary have acted
      in concert with France or England. My guess is that recognition by some of
      the world's nations would have resulted in a diplomatic chess game with new
      alignments playing off of each other. I'd bet that if some or even many
      countries had came out for the South others would have jumped at the
      opportunity to back the North. Connie
    • jaaah@tbcnet.com
      Never mind it, Carl! Thanks for the heads-up, I ll pick up a copy. ... Download NeoPlanet at http://www.neoplanet.com
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 9, 2002
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        Never mind it, Carl! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll pick up a copy.

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        > oh me of little faith!<BR>
        > Addison, I was privately wondering if you were buying into some <BR>
        > baloney when you posted this, but apology tendered: there is a picture <BR>
        > in today's WASHINGTON TIMES showing a picture of the frigate Osliaba <BR>
        > "... visit[ing] Alexandria in 1863 in a symbolic show of support for <BR>
        > the U.S. Government." Havent read the article yet but looks pretty <BR>
        > good.<BR>
        > --- In civilwarwest@y..., jaaah@t... wrote:<BR>
        > > Tsar Alexandre II had his entire Imperial Navy docked at Alexandria <BR>
        > Harbor from late 1863 to October 1864. Alex was preparing for war <BR>
        > against England or France if 1) either of those two nations went to <BR>
        > help the Confederates against the Yanks, the Russian's allies, or 2) <BR>
        > if Poland rebelled and attempted to overthrow the Russian overlords. <BR>
        > Both England and France would have supported Poland in such an affair, <BR>
        > and Russia wanted it's navy to be in a safe, and secret place just in <BR>
        > case that ever happened. Of course, none of it ever did come to pass.<BR>
        > <BR>
        > <BR>
        > </tt>
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