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Re: RE: [civilwarwest] John Bell Hood and you thought Bragg was bad.

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  • Michael Mason
    Custer ,Ego incarnated ! The Baron On :, jaaah@tbcnet.com wrote: Now let me tell you buster, I ain t no fan of Custer, and the Gen ral, he
    Message 1 of 57 , Nov 30, 2001
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      Custer ,Ego incarnated ! The Baron

      On :, jaaah@... wrote:
      Now let me tell you buster, I ain't no fan of Custer, and the Gen'ral, he don't ride well anymore!<BR>
      > ** Original Subject: RE: [civilwarwest] John Bell Hood and you thought´┐Ż Bragg was bad.<BR>
      > ** Original Sender: "Jim Elliot" <jrayelliot@...><BR>
      > ** Original Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:38:45 -0600<BR>
      > ** Original Message follows... <BR>
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      > That is a good question, I am not sure if war criminal would apply <BR><BR>
      > then again, look at Custer his ego got him killed and transformed him <BR><BR>
      > into a legend. Go figure?<BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > <BR><BR>
      > -- In civilwarwest@y..., "Michael Mason" <richthofen@b...> wrote:<BR><BR>
      > > This brings to mind the question.Are you a war criminal<BR><BR>
      > > if you have your own troops murdered by the enemy<BR><BR>
      > > to feed your massive ego?<BR><BR>
      > > Baron von Tecumseh<BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > > On 29-Nov-01, Kristin Scherrer <wacogaurds64@y...> wrote:<BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
      > >  Well, I had a long, detailed email in response to this, but I <BR><BR>
      > deleted it accedentally.  Let's try this again:)  <BR><BR>
      > > I do believe Hood was a good commander, but that the climax of his <BR><BR>
      > career was in July of '63.  After that, slowly going down hill.  At <BR><BR>
      > the time of Franklin, in all fairness to the General, he did have his <BR><BR>
      > arm in a sling(what was left of it) from Gettysburg, and his leg <BR><BR>
      > amputated at the hip from Chicamauga and was highly "medicated" and <BR><BR>
      > drinking VERY heavily.  But enough in being fair and down to the <BR><BR>
      > truth!  He was still in charge of a whole army.  An army that was not <BR><BR>
      > in good shape, eating a diet that consisted of 3 biscuits, about the <BR><BR>
      > size of the average man's fist, half of whioch being saw-dust <BR><BR>
      > filler.  He had no buisness ordering them down a hill, 2 miles into <BR><BR>
      > death.  And doing this after Generals Cheatam, Cleburne, and even <BR><BR>
      > Forrest strongly dissaproved.  At 4pm, November 30, 1864, with the <BR><BR>
      > bands playing "Dixie" and "Bonnie Blue Flag",the battle flags <BR><BR>
      > flapping in the cool November breeze, though it was an Indian Summer <BR><BR>
      > day, the AOT was lead by the generals themselves into b!<BR><BR>
      > > attle.  Many men who died that afternoon, their service to the Army <BR><BR>
      > ended on November 30, but they faught anyways.  One man even went <BR><BR>
      > into battle with crutches.  E.M. Bounds, with Cockrell's Missouri <BR><BR>
      > Brigade went into battle with his back to the Fed's, Bible in hand, <BR><BR>
      > and pleading men to come to Christ and preaching the truth.  he <BR><BR>
      > survived a saber wound, but because he was a chaplian, he was pulled <BR><BR>
      > over the works and was spared.  If you have been to the Carnton <BR><BR>
      > Magavock Cemetery and seen the Missouri marker, he is the one that <BR><BR>
      > raised the money for that monument through offerings in his church.  <BR><BR>
      > I suppose that is off the subject, but the anniversary is tomorrow.  <BR><BR>
      > And one thing I do not understand, is the General in charge of this, <BR><BR>
      > Hood, later in life wrote a book entitled "Advance and Retreat" <BR><BR>
      > blaming the men for what happened on the bloody fields of Franklin <BR><BR>
      > that aweful afternoon where it was, as Sam Watkins said, "the grand <BR><BR>
      > harvest of death".  May those boys who fought for wha!<BR><BR>
      > > t they believed in and died for it, on both sides, may they rest in <BR><BR>
      > peace with their Creator and may they never be forgotten!<BR><BR>
      > > God bless you guys and I hope the boys are in your thoughts <BR><BR>
      > tomorrow,<BR><BR>
      > > Kristin<BR><BR>
      > >   Jim Elliot <jrayelliot@a...> wrote: Care to comment on Hood's <BR><BR>
      > brilliant handling tactical handling of the <BR><BR>
      > > Army of Tennessee 137 years ago tomorrow. <BR><BR>
      > > <BR><BR>
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    • carlw4514
      One of the functions of cavalry is gathering intelligence on the position of the enemy. McCook must have accomplished this at least. Did this not put the
      Message 57 of 57 , Dec 6, 2001
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        One of the functions of cavalry is gathering intelligence on the
        position of the enemy. McCook must have accomplished this at least.
        Did this not put the attack in jeoparday? (I'm asking, I don't know)
        PS: ngeorgia.com doesnt seem to have much on Cassville, and unless I
        am greatly mistaken you are a contributor there. Of course, it was the
        battle that never happened. Am I missing what they have on it?

        --- In civilwarwest@y..., FLYNSWEDE@A... wrote:

        > Carl,
        > That cavalry force that was approaching <there has been some
        discussion that
        > McCook's boys were not even aware of Hood being so close> was a
        small force
        > and if Hood dispatched a small portion of his Corp's to either deal
        with or
        > to lead them away from his planned theater of battle, there is
        > probable cause that JEJ's plan of battle would have been successful.
        > think that Hood got rattled too much when told of a cavalry force
        > approaching. Since when was cavalry going to get the best of
        infantry. <g>
        > Ed Bearrs and others have the same thought as above. At least that
        was my
        > impression when we discussed this at a seminar in January 1999,
        along with
        > McMurray <who took up for Hood>, Wiley Sword, and other notables.
        > Wayne
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