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  • Daniel F. Giallombardo
    ... you ... genealogy net ... its service ... suffered ... who ... deserted, ... months ... Wayne, I thank you sir. -----Dan
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 27, 2001
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      > In a message dated 9/26/01 11:03:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > ParrotheadDan@a... writes:
      > << Where did this information come from ? I'm interested in units
      > formed during the war, and would love to read this entire work.If
      > would provide a provenience, I would greatly appreciate it sir.
      > Thanx--------Dan
      > >>
      > Dan, This info comes from the OR's and also from the Illinois
      genealogy net
      > Also I received the following email from Jfepperson of our group.
      > As my great-grandfather was in the 128th, I know a little about
      its "service"
      > and disbandment. There is anecdotal evidence that the regiment
      > massive desertions due to a reaction against emancipation. The men
      > stayed went through a severe inspection and then were merged with
      > the 9th Illinois Mounted Infantry. My great-grandfather briefly
      > came back to the regiment, served with the 9th for about three
      > before being wounded and captured, and then spent most of 1864 as
      > a guest of Jeff Davis in sunny southwest Georgia. When he died in
      > 1914, his obituary did not mention the 128th at all.
      > JFE
      > Wayne

      I thank you sir. -----Dan
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