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  • Dick Weeks
    During the past week or so you folks might have noticed my absence. I assure you that it was not something that I wanted to do. However, the provider for my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2001
      During the past week or so you folks might have noticed my absence. I
      assure you that it was not something that I wanted to do. However, the
      provider for my website and email got infected with the "Nimda" (a.k.a.
      Admin) virus. Thus my website, as well as my email (for this address) have
      been inoperable. In addition to that my computer at home was infected
      (apparently) so I had to clean that up. It was only this evening that I
      finally got the dump of email that I have been missing all week and my
      website is still inop. I know I could have gone into the Yahoo groups at
      work, but due to the circumstances that was not possible. However, that is a
      problem I will deal with and has nothing to do with what I am about to say.

      Even though my moderators have tried to keep me informed through another
      email address of what was happening I had no idea it was as bad as it is.
      It has taken me well over an hour to wade through and just glance at the
      email that would normally come over the course of the past week. After I
      sifted out what had to be answered from other sources I started looking at
      the Civilwarwest mail and I have to tell you that for the most part of I am
      sorely disappointed and here is my response to a lot of the posts (most will
      know what I am talking about).

      You people are all adults in this forum and you all know what the "Western
      Theater" was in the Civil War and I will not even attempt to describe in
      detail what is allowed and what is not. You will keep the discussion
      confined to that area or I will unsubscribe you without warning.
      Additionally, the next post I see relating to anything about what a
      moderator has said, good, bad, or otherwise, I will unsubscribe you. Their
      email address is clearly visible and you are welcome to contact them
      privately. They are pretty tough and can take it. Also, The next post I
      see that attacks a poster and not the post I will unsubscribe you. This
      will not be tolerated ever again. This will be purely subjective on my part
      and I make no apologies for it.

      People, I know this is a hard post but I have had it up to my eyeballs with
      this whining. Some of you act like a buck private the first day in camp.
      Well, I was a top Sgt. for too many years not to know how to handle that.
      You will conform to the rules or you will not be a part of my outfit. I
      think that says it all. This afternoon when I checked the Yahoo site we had
      212 members. I expect that tomorrow, after all have had a chance to read
      this post we will be well below 100. So be it. The ones that are left will
      know and follow the rules and we will be a better outfit for it. Just in
      case you are wondering, when I first started this group do you how many
      members we had? "Zero!" We can start from there again if necessary.

      Well, that's all I have to say for now. When my website comes back up I
      will post a complete set of rules on the "intro" page so that the new
      members will not have to go through this. I do not want a single post
      responding to this in the group. If you have a problem with what I have
      said free to contact me at week@... or unsubscribe yourself, the
      choice is yours. The reason I say contact me at this address is that I
      really don't know if my civilwarhome email is fully functional yet or not.

      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)
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