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Re: [civilwarwest] Gen. Johnston Plan to attack Sherman

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  • Michael Mason
    Steve your assuming Johnston would have actually attacked, well he wouldn t have.At the last moment he would have felt McPherson was coming to fast from the
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2001
      Steve your assuming Johnston would have actually attacked,
      well he wouldn't have.At the last moment he would have
      felt McPherson was coming to fast from the East and would have
      retreated to Cuba!! Baron von Tecumseh

      On 03-Sep-01, lilsteve68@... wrote:
      Lately I have been reading " A Carolinian Goes To War" - The Civil War Narrative of Arthur M. Manigault, Brigadier General C.S.A.<BR>
      In it he says "On the Morning of the july 17th,. there was an unusual stir amongst the train of wagons and orders� had been received a short time before to hold ourselfs in readiness to march...� <BR>
      "The surgeons looked mysterious and hasd recieved orders to� prepare for the reception in atlanta of a large number of wounded.. "<BR>
      "I made up my mind that within twenty -four hrs� or at farthest forty-eight, a battle would be fought.. <BR>
      "I did not know then as much as I about the country as I afterwards learned, and of course could only conjecture how and where the attack would be made, But I am perhectly satisfied now from all I heard and the oberservations I made that day, that Gen Johnston truly stated his his intion when he says in his report , that at Peach Tree Creek he purposed attacking as soon as a considerable portion of shermans army had crossed that stream. Owning to the shallowness of the river and ease with which ity could be forded many miles above atlanta at various points, it was impossible for him to prevent the enemy crossing the chattahoochie, but correctly divining that, after having made the passage of the river, they would move upon him, having yet to the peach tree creek to cross , a large and deep stream, before thery could reach him, that the proper time to bring on an engagement was after a portion of the army had crossed the latter stream, hoping to deafeat and cut them off� before!
      the remainder could get over , <BR>
      and if successful , and sherman forced to retreat, there would have been two� streams in his rear, instead of one"<BR>
      Any Thoughts? I think It could have worked...<BR>


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