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FW: BGES Press Release: D-day Programming in Florida

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Not on the West -- but note Brooks Simpson s appearance on command relationships -- something he has mentioned here before. Take care, Bob Judy and Bob
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      Not on the West -- but note Brooks Simpson's appearance on command relationships -- something he has mentioned here before.

      Take care,


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      Subject: BGES Press Release: D-day Programming in Florida

      If you are interested in World War II continue otherwise delete this message.

      In response to a request from some of our members who were either tapped out on the Civil War or who wanted us to apply our successful symposium formula to other conflicts in order that they might expand their historical knowledge, we have scheduled 3 WWII programs.

      The first is addressed in the following press release and is based upon the contacts we have made with the British Military Academy at Sandhurst:  D-day Revisited will be held November 2, 3, and 4th in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Located just 50 miles from the easily accessible Orlando International Airport you can enjoy a November respite at the beach without all the tourists around.

      The second program is a field trip to Honolulu, Hawaii from November 29-Dec 6th.  We will so a Commemorative program on the 60th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Lots of great sites to see and a stellar cast of tour leaders.  we have inlcusive packages to Waikiki Beach that state at just $1599 per person with air from any of 6 West coast cities, and 7 nights lodging at Waikiki Beach and other features too numerous to list here.

      The third program is "The War in the Pacific" based in San Diego, CA January 24, 25, and 26, 2002 at the Doubletree Inn, Mission Valley.  We will cover that expansive and critical theater in the dead of winter in a very mild if not warm climate.

      Please email us at blue-grayedsoc@... if you want further information or to register for one or more programs.  Our Cocoa Beach D-day press release follows:


      A cast of internationally reputed scholars will present papers and discuss the Allied entry into the European Continent during World War II at a 3 day conference in Cocoa Beach November 2, 3, and 4, 2001. The symposium will devote a day each to the planning for Operation Overlord, the actual D-day operations, and the Normandy Campaign known to some as Operation Cobra. The entire operation marked the beginning of the end of Hitler’s 3rd Reich and the last year of the war in Europe. Popularly portrayed in movies such as The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan the period is marked by heroism, intrigue, backbiting, and political drama.

      The symposium at the Comfort Inn and Suites, Cocoa Beach will feature a cast of scholars never before assembled in America. Anchored by Professsors Stephen Badsey and Stephen Hart from the legendary Military Studies Department at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in Surrey England. The faculty will include Donald E. Graves, a noted author and historian of the vaunted South Alberta (Canadian) Regiment and an expert on the fighting at the Falaise Gap; Dan Mortensen of the US Air Force’s Air University, who specializes in strategic and tactical airpower development; and Arizona State University professor, Brooks Simpson—a student of command realationships. The pending addition of a sixth scholar will make this one of the strongest panels of experts ever assembled to discuss this subject.

      The symposium is sponsored by the Blue and Gray Education Society in Danville, Virginia. The nonprofit education group is noted for its Civil War programs and the quality of its scholarship. They publish scholarly monographs and assist in interpreting historic sites affiliated with the Civil War. The D-day symposium represents an expansion of their programming to allow students of both comflicts to assimilate the similarities and differences in the seminal events of the ninetienth and twentieth century. BGES Executive Director, Len Riedel claims "If Gettysburg was the signal event of the Union dominance in the American Civil War, D-day marked the emergence of the United States of America as the preeminent world power. Regardless, then as today," Might didn’t always make Right" and the coalition of allied concerns and capabilities was the key to victory! I believe this program will provide a fertile ground for examining and understanding that reality."

      Each day is divided into four lecture periods with question and answer periods plus a daily panel discussion. Audience interaction is encouraged and the faculty will be available throughout the event. "We thought that Cocoa Beach was the right place to hold this. With the increased level of awareness of the events of the Second World War, we wanted to bring this to a region with a large number of people who may have participated in the event or were directly affected by it" says Riedel, "A great deal of the value to us will be the information that participants share in the open discussion." A fee is charged for participation; however, special rates are being offered to Florida residents, seniors, and military veterans. Daily rates are also offered. Preregistration is required.


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