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Re: [civilwarwest] Logging in to Yahoo eGroups

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  • Michael Mason
    I think the only way,you should have a problem,is if your not registered on yahoo. The Baron On 18-Aug-01, hartshje@aol.com wrote: Stewart,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 17, 2001
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      I think the only way,you should have a problem,is if your not registered on yahoo. The Baron
      On 18-Aug-01, hartshje@... wrote:
      Stewart, Madelon, Jenny,<BR>
      Could it be that all three of you have Juno?� I don't know why that<BR>
      would cause problems though.� What happens when you just type in the<BR>
      follwing address in your web search box? <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com">http://groups.yahoo.com</a><BR>
      You should get the eGroups home page.� At that point, if you have a <BR>
      Yahoo ID, you should be able to just log in.� If you don't have an<BR>
      ID yet, go ahead and register for one.� Then go back the home page <BR>
      again and click on "link accounts".� This will connect your e-mail <BR>
      address to your Yahoo eGroup.� That should be all you need to do to<BR>
      access the web page that has the menu options on it.<BR>
      If I got any of that wrong Group, please correct me.� Like I said<BR>
      before, I'm no expert.<BR>
      Good Luck,<BR>
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., Stewart L Bennett <nidmy@j...> wrote:<BR>
      > Hey Joe,<BR>
      >� I would love to get involved with the polling but I have cheap<BR>
      > juno.� I have to get out and go to the web site.Once I'm� there, <BR>
      > it gives me a lot of crazy paths and hardly any help in finding the <BR>
      > polls you have mentioned.� I plan to change my e-mail soon.� Maybe <BR>
      > that will help. I will notify Shotgun again.<BR>
      >��������������� Stewart<BR>
      > On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 22:52:10 -0000 hartshje@a... writes:<BR>
      > >Dear Group:<BR>
      > ><BR>
      > >� I have noticed that member participation in the polls voting is<BR>
      > >very limited.� There are currently nine polls open.� The most votes<BR>
      > >on any of them is 30 and that poll has been open since March.� The<BR>
      > >average number is only 19.� That represents only 8.9% of our group<BR>
      > >and my guess is that it's pretty much the same people voting.<BR>
      > > . . . . <BR>


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