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Re: So You Knew Sherman

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    ... that I ... Sherman. ... Guess it ... I ll take a stab at a few of these. I promise my books remain on hte shelf unopened. ... Lots. I think the total was
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2001
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      --- In civilwarwest@y..., FLYNSWEDE@A... wrote:
      > Since we have been discussing primarily Union generals, I thought
      that I
      > would try the below 20 questions on you to see how well you know
      > Give me your answers and I will grade them and send out a report.
      Guess it
      > is the old teacher in me.

      I'll take a stab at a few of these. I promise my books remain on hte
      shelf unopened.

      > 1. How many brothers and sisters did Sherman have

      Lots. I think the total was 9.
      > 2. How old was Sherman when his father died

      Young. I'll say 7 years old.
      > 3. How old was Sherman when he received the name William

      His foster family, catholics that they were, gave him his christian
      name. I'll say 12.

      > 4. What was name of his foster-father

      Thomas Ewing, US senator from Ohio.

      > 5. In what year did Sherman enter West Point

      > 6. Who were Sherman's two room mates at West Point

      I'm guessing, Halleck and Thomas? <g>

      > 7. Upon graduation from West Point, where was he assigned

      Fort Meyers Fla.

      > 8. How long was Sherman stationed at Ft. Moultrie, SC
      I'm guessing 2 years.

      > 9. Where was Sherman assigned during the Mexican War
      Monterrey, California.

      > 10. On 1 May 1850, a significant occurance happened to Sherman,
      > what was it.

      IS this when he left the army?

      > 11. How many children did Cump and Ellen eventually have
      > 12. How many of Sherman's children die during the Civil War
      > 13, Who was the last Sherman child to die
      > 14. In what year did Sherman become Superintendent of Louisiana
      > Seminary of Learning.

      > 15. That institution was predecessor of what school

      > 16. Give the month and year Sherman resigned from that position
      January 1861.

      > 17. What rank was given to Sherman when he rejoined the army in
      May, 1861

      > 18. What was Sherman's first field command (Be specific)
      > 19. Where did Sherman fight his first battle

      Bull Run.
      > 20. Who besides Sherman was appointed Brig Gen on General Orders
      No. 62

      I'll give Wayne a chance to correct me now. (Was that Jesse Appler
      of the 53rd Ohio?)

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