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Re: Thomas's Memoirs

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  • josepharose@yahoo.com
    Daves (Smith and Mercado), Concerning Thomas not-to-be memoirs (Dave II can probably be more explicit), Thomas supposedly said that he didn t want his life
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 3 8:34 PM
      Daves (Smith and Mercado),

      Concerning Thomas' not-to-be memoirs (Dave II can probably be more
      explicit), Thomas supposedly said that he didn't want his life picked
      over after he was gone and had his wife burn their private papers.
      He doesn't sound like the type who would write any memoirs, anyway.
      Plus, he died in 1870, not giving him much time to think about it (I
      see that Jeff Burk just mentioned this, too).

      Dave II mentioned that his military journal is not extant. Does
      anyone know why? When did Van Horne have access to it?

      I saw a photograph of his personal map journal in a book--which
      showed his impressive cartographic skills--and I wonder where that
      might be.

      The Huntington Library (in LA, CA, I think) allegedly has some of
      Thomas' papers, but I don't know of what they consist.


      P.S. Dave I, if historians state that Grant accepted "blame" for
      something, isn't it appropriate to determine exactly what he said and
      whether that fits the historian's description? We should do it as a
      matter of course, in my opinion. If you don't like my questioning of
      semantics and the like, please overlook it; you needn't let it bother
      you. (I just saw where the "infamous" Bob Redman talked about this
      very point long ago; maybe that explains the sensitivity.)

      From: "Dave Smith" <dmsmith001@y...>
      Date: Fri Aug 3, 2001 10:03 pm
      Subject: Thomas's Memoirs

      Does anyone know why George Thomas didn't write his memoirs after the

      Just curious.

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