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Re: [civilwarwest] Bows and Arrows in the Civil War

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  • Michael Mason
    Addison Are you suggesting that a Newspaper man ,would write less than the gospel truth,just to sell more Newspapers!!! (See Sherman s other War by Dr. John
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2001
      Are you suggesting that a Newspaper man ,would write less than the gospel truth,just to sell more Newspapers!!!
      (See "Sherman's other War" by Dr. John F Marszalek)
      The Baron
      Another myth shattered!!

      On :, jaaah@... wrote:
      Some of you may remember in late April a message was sent asking if Bows and Arrows were used in the war, and the response was yes, and the responder then went on to write that Confederate Indians then "indulged in scalping and torture of wounded prisoners." However, as it happened this is untrue. There is absolutely no evidence that supports the scalping and torture of wounded prisoners. Of course, scalping of the dead may have occurred, but it was very minimal. The myth of scalping and torture was invented by the press as a way to sell more newspapers, and more newspapers are sold when the public is told what it wants to hear--the enemy are savages. As to bows and arrows used it the war, the answer is yes. At Pea Ridge use of bows and arrows was probably small, but not so in the battles of Round Mountain, Chusto-Talash, and Chustenahlah in '61, or Fort Wayne, Cabin Creek, Newtonia, or Devil's Backbone in '62, or Honey Springs in '63, and Cabin Creek in '64. This is just a li!
      st of fights in which the Indians included in the battle were serving one nation or the other. As to both sides recruiting Indian Regiments, this is true as well. The first side to do this was the Confederacy in '61 thanks to the work of Albert Pike and Douglas Cooper. 5 regiments of Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles were raised. However, the Federal Government at first did not recruit Indians into their ranks, the War Department stated "The nature of our present troubles forbids the use of savages." The first man to raise Union Indian Regiments was Gen. James Blunt in '62, making units out of Opothleyahola's Muscogeans who had been driven out of Indian Territory for aggression towards the Confederate Government at Ft. Washita. <BR>
      Addison Hart<BR>
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