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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Was Pemberton Wrong, Bad, Incompetent (Vicksbur g Campaign)

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    The only complaint I know regarding the attack to Vicksburg by Grant and the masive killing of Union troops and the city s civilians during the 47 days of
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      The only complaint I know regarding the attack to Vicksburg by Grant and the masive killing of Union troops and the city's civilians during the 47 days of bombarden was from Mrs Lincoln who called Grant >> A BUTCHER ....

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      > > > He did complain.
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      > > To whom? Not to Halleck or Lincoln.
      > To Halleck. When he hears rumors that McClernand might be coming he wrote "Am I to understand that I lie still here while an expedition is fitted out from Memphis", when he hears that is coming he wries that the expedition is already gone under Sherman and would be much safer under him anyway and then latter he writes "I am sorry to say it, but I would regard it as particularly unfortunate to have either McClernand or Wallace sent to me. The latter I could manage if he had less rank, but the former is unmanageable and incompetent."
      > Your description is overly dramatic. Grant wasn't half way to Vicksburg and it wasn't half his army that was sent down the river

      1) Grant's target was Jackson, MS, which would cut off Vicksburg and force Pemberton to flee or be besieged. Grenada is over halfway to Jackson, MS from his starting point at Jackson, TN. I should probably know since I used to drive it every week back in the day.

      2) That's not a complaint from Grant, it's a valid question. Grant had troops showing up in his department with vague orders to report to McClernand, contrary to military protocol.

      3) Halleck's response was that Grant had command of all troops in his department and authorization to fight the enemy where he pleased. This was augmented by Halleck's order to send as many men as could be placed on boats down the river to assault Vicksburg at the earliest possible date, which Halleck reiterated to Grant multiple times. On December 7th, Halleck tells Grant that Sherman is to command the expedition unless the Lincoln himself insists on designating a separate commander.

      4) After the attack at Holly Springs and the repulse of Lincoln / Halleck's expedition, there is no word of blame or complaint from Grant to anyone that I can find. Not to Halleck, not to Lincoln, not to his sponsor Washburne, not to the press, not even to his wife.



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