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Re: Declaration of ratification of the treaty with the Confederate States of America

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  • Knight Hawk
    To see any one of the 7,340 google hits for the Cherokee Chief Stand Watie and the secret society called the Knights of the Golden Circle Just click on the
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 25, 2010
      To see any one of the 7,340 google hits for the Cherokee Chief "Stand Watie" and the secret society called the "Knights of the Golden Circle" Just click on the following link:



      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "carlw4514" <carlw4514@...> wrote:
      > my two cents:
      > I in no way object to anyone wanting to discuss the participation of the 5 Civ Tribes in the Civil War, but for copy and paste contributions ... that seems to me to belong to our Files Section.
      > I'd rather see the posts/emails bring up discussion .
      > Here's some questions: Had the Confederacy prevailed in getting her Independence, would the treatment of the Indians been better? Did Cherokee alliance with the CSA help lead to subsequent brutal treatment of the Indians in general?
      > And what in the heck would the map of what we now call the West look like anyway ? I think the Transcontinental Railway would have proceeded and those tribes in the way still treated much the same.
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