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OT:Fw: [Arizona Reenacting Network] Digest Number 809 (Stolen Trailer w/canon)

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  • Jason Unwin
    Slightly off topic but a reenacting unit s canon and all its equipment was stolen recently in Michigan. If everyone in the reenacting community could keep
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2010
      Slightly off topic but a reenacting unit's canon and all its equipment was stolen recently in Michigan. If everyone in the reenacting "community" could keep their eye out, it might be helpful. Spread the word to members of your units also. Maybe with more eyes out there we can get theit gear back.
      Jason Unwin
      Ordnance Sergeant
      5th Texas Artillery

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      Stolen Cannon - Help  a Reenactor out

      Posted by: "Bob Smith" smith5thtx@...   hmcs_lci115

      Wed Jan 6, 2010 1:45 pm (PST)

      It's a long way away, but you never know.

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      I post this on behalf of a friend:

      My Cannon, limber and covered 18ft Car hauler was stolen from my lot
      at 4218 Pelham, Dearborn Heights , MI 48125 . Batty B 1st Michigan
      Light Artillery's entire gear was enclosed in the well locked up
      trailer. My trailer has distinctive bullet hole decals running up
      both sides and a giant cannonball splat on the back door. I want to
      get this information out as quick as I can. The more eyes we have
      looking the better!

      U.S. 1841 6pdr cannon mark C.A.&CO 1845 on trunnions 298 over W.V on Muzzle

      No. 5. Limber U.S. 6 pdr.

      Trailer is a 2000 Haulmark 18ft covered car hauler charcoal gray

      VIN 16HGB1834YH065667.

      Please forward to any and all your C.W. reenactors and reenacting websites.

      Police Contact is: Dearborn Hgts. Police
      313 277-6770
      Officer Beaudree
      Case # 2010-84

      Dr. Bill Vecchioni
      313 277-1100

      Here is a link to the local news story:

      http://www.wxyz. com/news/ local/story/ Search-For- Thieves-in- Cannon-Heist/ YMvQejZCoUKXNZZa vhyFGw.cspx


      Mike Robertson

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