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Re: Latest Edition of Blue & Gray: Chickasaw Bayou

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  • Tony
    ... Sherman s move from Oxford to Memphis and from Memphis to Vicksburg. This was NOT Grant s vision for the Vicksburg Campaign. Grant s plan was to move
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "carlw4514" <carlw4514@...> wrote:
      > not sure what you mean by "Sherman's move"

      Sherman's move from Oxford to Memphis and from Memphis to Vicksburg. This was NOT Grant's vision for the Vicksburg Campaign.

      Grant's plan was to move against Jackson with his whole force, using the railroad as a line of advance. For several weeks, Grant had been asking Halleck for suggestions on what course of action he should pursue. Grant finally settled on a plan to consolidate all of his force and begin marching south. Halleck approved the plan, even though Halleck knew that Lincoln was demanding a riverine campaign.

      Lincoln's plan was to take Vicksburg via a riverine campaign, and Lincoln authorized McClernand to undertake an independent expedition to do so. Halleck, however, immediately began trying to subvert McClernand. First, he convinced Lincoln to make McClernand ultimately subject to the department commander. Secondly, he ordered Grant to send the riverine expedition forward under Sherman rather than delay for McClernand's arrival.

      Grant was already halfway to Vicksburg, and yet here we have Halleck telling him "go no farther," then ordering half of Grant's offensive force on a wild goose chase down the river, where they would ultimately be subject to the command of an incompetent political general. That Grant didn't lose his cool speaks volumes about his character.
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