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Re: [civilwarwest] Brandon Rifles?

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  • James and Kathy
    Hi Hugh Jut a hint but they may be Mounted Infantry vs a strict cavalry unit. alot of the Rifles units were infantry that was mounted. Arkansas had a few
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      Hi Hugh
       Jut a hint but they may be "Mounted Infantry" vs a strict cavalry unit.
       alot of the "Rifles" units were infantry that was mounted.
       Arkansas had a few from both sides.
       The Cherokee Rifles pop into mind off the top of my head.
       So add that to your search engine question.
       Lot's of luck finding more info.
       County Historical groups are a great help.
      Yours in service
      James Acerra
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      Hey Y'all,
      I'm doing a little family research, and I need any information anyone can offer on The Brandon Rifles. I have a letter sent from one of my great, great uncles to another announcing that he'd joined a cavalry company in Brandon, Rankin County, Mississippi. He references forwarding mail to "the Brandon Rifles". I've found extensive information of his brothers in the 4th NC cavalry, but so far I've not been able to turn up a shread of information on this cavalry company.
      Is there anyone with any information? I'd greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Hugh Owens

      Here's the text of the letter:
      [To: Mr Hugh McLaurin
      Morvin, N.C.]
      [ p.m. Brandon, Miss.]

      Rankin County, Mississippi
      Oct. 17th 1861

      Dear Brother, yours of July 27 came to hand in due time, and gave me great pleasure to hear from you all. I am not in very good health at present. I am having chill and fever. I have had a chill every day this week, but I think I will miss to today as it is about the time of day I usually take them, and I fell no symptoms of it at all. I have volunteered in a cavalry company. The company is made up of Covington, Simpson, and Rankin County. There is a call now for ten thousand more from this state, and it's said that if they are not raised very soon there will be a draft, and by all means let me not be drafted into service in this war. For I think it is much more honorable to volunteer than to stand a draft. In fact, I know that is the feeling here. The time has come when we are obliged to do something. They are fighting on ever side now. There has been a battle at Fort Pickns in Florida on the 9th and at New Orleans on the 11th. The Confederacy were victorious at both places, and there is an attack daily expected on Galveston, Texas - both by land and water. And it is generally believed that Lincoln will make every to send troops down the Mississippi River. And _________ this winter I expect we will be stationed somewhere on the Mississippi River if we are not sent to Kentucky immediately. For my part I had much radther be on the river. Our company wil organize day after tomorrow at Mount Zion Church in Simpson County. I do not think that I will be at much expense more than I would in an infantry [company], for our equipment will be furnished by the government. And those that have horses will have them valued, and if they should get killed the government will pay for them. And they are also allowed 40 cents a day for their horse during service. I have a little horse, but he is rather small for the cavalry, though I can trade him easily.
      I have nothing more of importance to write. The crops here are generally very good. The cotton is injured to some extent by the wet. We have had an abundance of rain for the last two or three months. Write soon. Direct you letters to Brandon Rifles, and if I am not here they will be forwarded.
      Your Affectionate Brother,
      Laughlin McLaurin

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