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Re: Master of War by Benson Bobrick

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  • cashg79
    ... 5,000+? Really? Why are there 2 -3 ... Maybe you can read them and discover that. For example, compare McFeely s biography of Grant to Simpson s.
    Message 1 of 19 , Apr 14, 2009
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Don" <oneplez@...> wrote:
      > Brooks said:
      > Re: George Thomas (#132386)
      > by Brooks Simpson on March 3, 2009 at 5:23 PM
      > I understand how blurbs are composed, having done a few myself. The
      > question remains what is new about your biography of Thomas that has not
      > been covered in Cleaves, McKinney, and Buell. I assume that given all
      > the recent writing about the Civil War, including several fine books
      > about battles and campaigns in which Thomas played a part, that your
      > book might incorporate that work to update a rather familiar narrative
      > offered by previous Thomas biographers, but I freely confess that in all
      > of this heat I've seen nothing that suggests that you have anything new
      > to say. Even the charges of a conspiracy by Grant and Sherman to deprive
      > Thomas of his due (and the accusation that their biographers have been
      > complicit in that endeavor) have been made before.
      > ________________________________________________________
      > What's new in the 5,000+ books written about Grant?
      5,000+? Really?

      Why are there 2 -3
      > books being turned out about him every year?
      Maybe you can read them and discover that. For example, compare McFeely's biography of Grant to Simpson's. Compare Simpson's to Catton's. Simpson corrects McFeely's misinterpretations of Grant and takes Grant to task for events for which Catton did not.

      > Not only did I find several new data about Thomas in Bobrick's Great
      > book but also some about Grant and his Son Frederick Dent Grant who
      > broke into Piatt's house and terrorized his family.
      Bobrick was unable to point to a single thing that was new in his book, and he wrote it. What new information was contained that the author didn't know about?

      > As well as his cruel treatment of the first black cadet at west point!
      What does this have to do with Thomas?

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