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  • PvtUpScope@aol.com
    Hi, George - I would agree that Foote s book and Catton s trilogy are excellent. I would also suggest the book When is the Course of Human Events, by
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 27, 2009
      Hi, George -
      I would agree that Foote's book and Catton's trilogy are excellent.
      I would also suggest the book "When is the Course of Human Events,"
      by Charles Adams.
      w r branham v
      vancouver, washington
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      > >George,
      > As a kid one of the first set of books to spark my interest was Bruce
      > Catton's trilogy on the Army of the Potomac, "The Coming Fury"
      > "Terrible Swift Sword" and "Never Call Retreat." For a general
      > overview, Bruce Catton's "The Civil War" would be a good choice.
      > Amazon has both the trilogy as a boxed set and "The Civil War" in
      > paperback. Good luck on your search.
      > Al Savage.

      I strongly agree with Al's comments. Catton's trilogy is interesting,
      just the right amount of detail for a start, and is written in a
      memorable fashion. The single volume gives a quick and easily read
      overview. I know folks who quote from these books in conversations
      almost 50 years after reading them!
      Pat Swan


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