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Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Blacks in the Confederacy

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  • Pamela Kirklin
    thank you very much..... ... From: Bob Huddleston Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Blacks in the Confederacy To:
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      thank you very much.....

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      Subject: Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Blacks in the Confederacy
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      Date: Sunday, February 8, 2009, 5:39 PM

      You mean both of them? :>)

      Here is a short bibliography of works that you might look at.

      “Peter Carmichael on Black Confederates and Confederate Slaves”
      http://civilwarmemo ry.typepad. com/civil_ war_memory/ 2008/07/peter- carmichael- on-black- confederates. html#more

      Bruce Levine. Confederate Emancipation: Southern Plans to Free and Arm Slaves During the Civil War. Oxford and New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. viii + 252 pp.

      Charles H. Wesley, "The Employment of Negroes as Soldiers in the  Confederate Army," _The Journal of Negro History,_ Vol IV, No. 3, July,  1919.

      Bernard H. Nelson, "Confederate Slave Impressment Legislation, " _The  Journal of Negro History,_ Vol XXXI, No. 4, Oct, 1946.

      Thomas Robson Hay, "The South and the Arming of the Slaves," _Mississippi Valley Historical Review,_ Vol VI, No. 1, Jun, 1919.

      N. W. Stephenson, "The Question of Arming the Slaves," _American Historical Review,_ Vol XVIII, No. 2, Jan, 1913.

      Arthur W. Bergeron, "Free Men of Color in Grey," _Civil War History,_ Vol XXXII, No. 3, Sep, 1986.

      Bell I. Wiley, _Southern Negroes, 1861-1865,_ Yale University Press,  1938.

      Richard E. Beringer, Herman Hattaway, Archer Jones, and William N. Still, Jr., _Why the South Lost the Civil War,_ University of Georgia Press ,  1986.

      See also the Wall Street Journal, May 8, 1997, I can send you this.

      Take care,
      Judy and Bob Huddleston
      10643 Sperry Street
      Northglenn, CO  80234-3612
      Huddleston.r@ comcast.net
      The Civil War can be described as the kudzu vine of American historiography: books about it will grow anywhere, in vast numbers.

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