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FW: [civilwarwest] Re: Bowen at Big Black Bridge

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  • Tom Mix
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      Big Black Bridge


      The Gamers still exist but were bought my Multi Man Publishing (MMP) and are now a sub group of it. MMP is owned by Red Sox great Curt Schilling who is an avid gamer too.  (and I’m an avid Red Sox fan.)

      You can find them at MultiManPublishing.com  or multimanpublishing.com which ever works.   Click on The Gamers, then Civil War Brigade series and you’ll find all of their available games. Champion Hill is still available for $28.  It is the best ACW series I have ever played. They also have a great Napoleonic series based  on the same system.

      Good luck, if I can be any help, let me know,



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      Big Black Bridge


      Thank you Tom  for all the information that you give freely in your posts.I wanted to ask where can you find civil war games like the one you mentioned? I am currently involved in the American Conquest a Divided Nation game on the internet and would like others any help appreciated.

      John ...the captain in Mississippi

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      From: Tom Mix <tmix@insightbb. com>
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      Big Black Bridge
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      Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 6:06 PM

      Thanks so much, Carl, for the honest appraisal.  I think I’ll take your advice and pass on it. Bowen was an excellent General but not a Stonewall.  He did work better with others than Jackson and that speaks well of Bowen, who from readings was an excellent Division and Corps commander. It sounds like it may be better to just pick up information on him by reading books devoted to subjects where he was involved like Champion Hill which has had some fine books on it over the last several years.  

      If anyone out there board games, The Gamers “Champion Hill” is an excellent game and Bowen shines with a well deserved high rating in it.  Thanks to him and failure to get orders through I lost that battle once.  But not the next time.



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      Tuesday, September 09, 2008 11:58 AM
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Bowen at
      Big Black Bridge


      Again that's "The Forgotten 'Stonewall of the West': Major General
      John Stevens Bowen,"
      Mercer University Press, 1997, by Phillip Thomas

      Tom, the author managed to write an interesting story, even though the
      writing was not good. He reminded me of a High School student who has
      to write 150 words, finds he only wrote 100, so goes back and repeats
      the same sentences in a slightly different way... no kidding. It was
      very repetitive in this way.

      I otherwise have not boned up on Bowen, other than having noted that
      he seemed to be stand out at Champion Hill. So I can't tell if
      something was wrong with what the book had to say. I get the feeling
      that the author would be capable of glossing over Bowen's flaws. After
      all he poses Bowen as a Stonewall of the West; this is not to say
      'instead of Cleburne' but a special Stonewall in the category of
      'forgotten' I guess. The sort of glorifying that the book has makes
      you recall some old hero worshipping in the Southern style.
      Nonetheless he makes a pretty good case but perhaps historians would
      differ with him in important matters. As far as recommending it, you'd
      be happy with the book if you can look over the quality of the writing
      and the hero-worshipping sort of style. Obviously many could not
      overlook these things, so I'd say I'd generally not recommend it but
      was not sorry I read it myself


      --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "Tom Mix" <tmix@...> wrote:
      > Carl,
      > As you have progressed in the book, what is your general opinion of
      it now?
      > Still highly slanted toward Bowen and lacking in some accuracy? Kind of
      > sounds like it may have lived up to your original general
      impressions as you
      > began the book.
      > Tom


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