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To the Civil War Western Theater Discussion Group From the List Owner

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  • Dick Weeks
    My dear friends, I have been in contact with Pat and I just wanted to personally respond to the email below. Not to the individual who wrote it, he is long
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2008
      My dear friends,

      I have been in contact with Pat and I just wanted to personally respond to
      the email below. Not to the individual who wrote it, he is long gone, but
      to the group as a whole. Seldom have I read such a vile form of trash and I
      wanted to assure the group, especially the new members, that this type of
      post is an exception, not the norm. We have an exceptionally bright and
      intellectual group of people on this list.

      First let me say that we, as a group, are extremely lucky to have a
      moderator such as Pat. If I were moderating the group alone, it probably
      would have shut down a long time ago. I do not put members on a moderated
      status. I put them on the "gone" status. I have better things to do with
      my time than act as a hall monitor for some clown that cannot follow some
      extremely simple rules. Thank you Pat, your efforts are greatly
      appreciated. Especially by me.

      Second, this group is not democratic. I do not put things up for a vote.
      Follow the rules and all is well. Break the rules and you will have to look
      for a new group. I founded the group so I, and hopefully others can learn,
      not as a forum so some can just vent their feelings on some abstract thing
      about the Civil War. There are other groups out there for that. The day
      that I find that I am no longer learning is the day that I will delete the
      list. Hopefully that day will never come. You folks have so much to offer
      and I am like a giant sponge, trying to soak up all I can.

      Third, and last, most of you do not know me so I am going to take a few
      lines to explain who I am. The earth has circled the sun some 68 times
      since I was born so I am no new kid on the block. Besides this discussion
      group I maintain what is probably the largest and most visited Civil War
      site on the Internet which generates a lot of email that I have to answer.
      I also have what is probably the best Civil War Chat Room on the Web. I am
      an old retired Top Sgt. and have seen men die in defense of this great
      country of ours. I have seen men toast their dead comrades in a Quonset hut
      by holding their glasses high and singing to the tune of Camp Town Races
      "He's going home in a body bag, do da, do da." While through all the noise
      and singing hiding their fear in a veil of tears while the war goes on. As
      you might guess I am as hard as nails when I have to be and as soft as a
      powder puff when I am allowed to be. Finally, Pat did not deserve the email
      below. She was merely following my directions. If you have a real problem
      with the moderation of the group please direct them to me. I will be glad
      to unsubscribe you with no hard feeling. Nothing you can say or any name
      you can call me will be something that I have not heard or been called
      before. You will have a difficult time hurting my feelings.

      You take care my friends. Please enjoy the group and remember that the
      posts are cyclic. This is slow time but it will pick up and you will not
      believe the mail that will hit your box.

      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)

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      From: "Moon" <stevarino1961@...>
      To: <civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 11:57 PM
      Subject: MODERATOR's NOTE Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Joseph E. Johnston

      > First Pat.... I believe the polite thing to do is ask someone,
      > particularly me, when you write to my private email! You don't know
      > me... We are not friends or aquaintences, so what gives you idea
      > that you could. Please ask from now on... I don't talk privately to
      > just anyone...
      > Second... I imagine your going to moderate my post from now on...
      > Or perhaps even kick me out.... So be it... I can take it or leave
      > it... As slow as it is these days, it would not be a great loss
      > anyway!
      > Third... Whatever!!! I just think it's kind of sad the way
      > the group has gone down hill.... And the way I see it, understand it
      > by chatting with other members, it's only because the strictness that
      > certain moderators, mainly yourself Pat, that have driven folks away.
      > Perhaps this should be sent to you only...??? But "we" are
      > supposedly a "group"... So I would think the whole group needs to
      > hear, read, and discuss this!
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