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Allatoona Pass

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  • joey_gangler
    Allatoona Pass Living History Program October 3rd-5th, 2008 Theme: To portray 4th MN garrison at Allatoona Registration Fee- $10.00 (covers food and any extra
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2008
      Allatoona Pass Living History Program
      October 3rd-5th, 2008

      To portray 4th MN garrison at Allatoona
      Registration Fee- $10.00 (covers food and any extra will be donated
      to preservation efforts at Allatoona Pass)

      To provide the public a glimpse at what the Men of the 4th MN
      experienced while garrisoned at Allatoona Pass
      To raise money for various funds related to the Allatoona Pass

      Program Description:
      Soldiers will experience normal duties associated with being
      garrisoned in Enemy territory at a vital position on a Federal Supply
      To give the spectators a glimpse into the garrison at Allatoona Pass,
      tours will be lead throughout the day as well as a candle lit tour
      that evening. All participants will be asked to stay in first person
      through out the day's activities.

      Friday the Union living historians will set up in the eastern side of
      the pass. The Pass will be open until 11pm. Those arriving after 11pm
      will be asked to camp at the base of the pass or in your vehicles, we
      will reopen the pass at Dawn. This is for safety reasons; one slip
      off the Mountain and your good time is ruined.

      On Saturday morning the troops will go through the motions of
      preparing for a general assault as well as regular camp duties.
      Rations will be issued at this time. Meals will be prepared by the
      camp cooks, soldiers will gather wood and water, assemble things
      needed for defense and go out on Pickett duty. U.S. Signal Corp will
      relay messages to Kennesaw as happened in '64. A candle light tour is
      planned that evening.
      The tours will be the only way to see the Eastern Redoubt on
      Saturday. No aimless wandering by spectators will be permitted. This
      is to help soldiers stay in a period mindset as well as keep
      Spectators from wandering into off limit areas.

      US troops will be invited to stay as long as they wish, but from 8AM
      until 11AM they we will execute normal fatigue duties.
      11am -4pm people will be left to their own device
      After 1pm the GDRA Confederate infantry wish to engage in a program
      of their own invention. This is completely voluntary to participate
      US troops will need to be off site by 4PM.

      Roles, Specialty impressions and specialty items needed for program-
      First and foremost, we need people with a great attitude and the
      willingness to accurately represent and honor those men who fought
      and died at Allatoona Pass no matter the cost.
      We need participants who will be able to carry out this program non
      stop for the length we have presented. Also people who can stay in a
      proper mindset no matter what modern distractions may occur.

      We will need hardtack boxes, ammo boxes, garrison and commissary
      equipment as it pertains to the location. *We will provide much of
      this but any extras will be greatly appreciated.

      We will need some Union Soldiers armed with M41 Rifles (Mississippi

      Anyone who will just be able to come for Saturday is encouraged to
      come out as well, please email me twentyfirstgeorgia@... for
      details. Please email us first as we may not get back on this forum
      as much as we would like.

      More information available at
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