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RE: [civilwarwest] ancestor search

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  • Tom Mix
    I m sure they are. I look forward to that day to. I m my dad has already visited. Check out the movie Sunset with Bruce Willis as Tom and Jim Garner as his
    Message 1 of 9 , May 24, 2008

      I’m sure they are.  I look forward to that day to. I’m my dad has already visited. 


      Check out the movie “Sunset” with Bruce Willis as Tom and Jim Garner as his good friend Wyatt Earp. A great show and captures the real character of the two real men as well.  


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      The only Mixville I could find was, present day, Mixville, SC.


      On a personal note and talking about silent movie cowboy

      Tom Mix,

      My late father, passed in 1978, born 1911.  His

      all time hero as a kid in the silent movie days was Tom Mix.

      I was of the Roy Rogers and Gene Autry generation but they

      couldn't hold Tom's coat according to my old man.  And Trigger

      couldn't hold Tony's of course. 

      I wish there was someway way to fwd all of this stuff to heaven, the old man

      would get a kick out of it.

      But I guess the old man and Tom aaaaaand Tony are all up there maybe getting

      a kick out of it anyway.  I hope so anyway.



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      That is right!  For some reason I had “Mixville” in mind.  I guess I just messed it up but the memory isn’t what it used to be.  But I have heard “Mixville” in the family so it may have been just family slang thing that I wasn’t aware of or forgot. 

      The family came over when Bismarck was in power. A significant part of the family stayed in Danzig, East Prussia because Karl Mix was Bismarck’s personal body guard and my  great grand father played around the future Kaiser, Wilhelm, who he really couldn’t stand. So no one was born here prior to that eliminating several based on the ages I see.  The last meal they had in Germany was in the palace with Otto Von Bismarck.  I always thought that was pretty cool.

      An interesting note, during WW II my dad was an MP at a POW camp and Karl’s grandson Kurt was one of the POW’s there.  Once they discovered the relationship dad was soon transferred else where.  But he got to visit with him often. After the war they were stuck in East Germany so for us it was a very big deal when that wall came down.  Heck, I know about them than I do the ones that came over on the boat.



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      Cowboy Tom was from a community called Mix Run, PA in Cameron County

      http://maps. live.com/ default.aspx? wip=2&v=2& style=r&rtp= ~&&msnurl= home.aspx?
      mapblast%3dtrue% 26redirect% 3dfalse&msncultu re=en-US# JmJiPTQxLjQxODQ5 NzgwMDc1
      MzIlN2UtNzguMTMzMjA zMjY5MTkyMyU3ZTQ xLjMwNjQ3ODk3MzQ 0NzYlN2UtNzguMzM yMDMyNTc3

      There wre four MIX families in Cameron Co. in 1870 all neighbors
      and obviously related,, probably brothers, maybe cousins

      Page 21 Gibson Township
      Hezekiah Mix 53 born PA, Farmer
      Alma Mix 47
      Eliza A Mix 21
      Emma Mix 18
      Clarra Mix 7

      Page 22 Gibson Township
      James Mix 36 Born PA, Laborer
      Mary M Mix 34
      Mary Mix 10
      Kate Mix 8
      George Mix 6
      John Mix 3
      Henry Mix 6/12
      James Ballman 25 born NY Laborer
      Morgan Wilson 26 born PA, Laborer

      Page 23 Gibson Township
      Henry Mix 44 born PA, Farmer
      Lydia C Mix 37
      Leonard Mix 17
      Newton Mix 12
      James Mix 11
      Warren Mix 7
      Wait Mix 1
      Simpson Barr 24 born PA, Carpenter

      Page 23 Gibson Township
      Salomon Mix 46 born PA Farmer
      Sarah Arna Mix 39
      Edwin Mix 16
      Sarah M Mix 12
      William J Mix 10
      Emelina H Mix 7
      Solomon E Mix 1

      There are quite a few other MIX families scattered through Pennsylvania
      on the 1870 Census but these are the ones in Cameron County

      Mix Run Cemetery Site
      http://www.rootsweb .ancestry. com/~pacamero/ cemetery/ mixrun

      http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Tom_Mix

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      From: Tom Mix
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      Thanks so very much. That is a lot of work and it is deeply appreciated.
      Perhaps I should have added this bit of info to help but that potion of the
      family settled a place that became Mixville, PA. I'm sure it is something
      else now if it even exists today. But that is where Tom was from and born
      some where around there. My branch pushed on to southern Indiana and settled
      here, not far from where I currently live so they lost a lot contact over
      time. Many from the Mixville bunch would move to Texas but that was post
      Civil War. The information I got on John was from a Maryland CW historian
      who said he may have been involved with cavalry unit with a heavy German
      slant to. I know he served with John Buford at Gettysburg but that is where
      what I "know" (and that is questionable) ends.
      I will try the sites you mentioned but the above helps you a little more as
      you much better versed than I am in such research I would appreciate any
      additional help. You have been great.
      Thanks again,

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