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Re: DH Hill at Dug Gap

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  • mgrad29
    ... other ... riding out ... other words, ... handful of ... could bring ... Negley, later ... in the ... complainer, a ... etc. ... Thanks Dave (and Lee for
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 11, 2008
      > Marc,
      > Lee already commented on Cleburne likely not really being sick. No
      > source reports that.
      > Personally, I think Hill was panicked. His comment the day before,
      riding out
      > to Dug Gap, was that it was "South Mountain all over again." In
      other words,
      > he was thinking he was facing overwhelming numbers with just a
      handful of
      > troops. In reality, the opposite was true - He, Buckner and Hindman
      could bring
      > more than 20,000 Rebels to bear on between 6-10,000 Federals under
      Negley, later
      > reinforced by Baird.
      > All of the reasons usually cited for Lee wanting to get rid of Hill
      in the
      > ANV are at play during the Chickamauga campaign: He is a constant
      complainer, a
      > difficult subordinate, sometimes slow to act if he doesnt agree,
      > Hill was no great addition to the AOT.
      > Dave Powell

      Thanks Dave (and Lee for earlier answers)

      That sounds reasonable. From the sources I recently read (Turchin,
      Woodworth, Robertson in a recent Blue & Gray, and Hill's own essay
      from B&L) none of them really spoke to WHY they might have thought
      Hill acted the way he did, except that some commented that Cleburne
      was in fact not sick, and that the debris in Dug Gap was not enough
      to slow down Infantry for more than a few hours.

      I didn't really expect to get the straight answer from Hill's essay,
      but it was interesting none the less to see him try to defend his
      apparant insubordination.


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