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Re: A movie about FRANKLIN

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  • guitarmandanga
    I have yet to read Widow of the South , but I did enjoy Howard Bahr s The Black Flower , which actually deals mostly with the aftermath of the battle and its
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2008
      I have yet to read "Widow of the South", but I did enjoy Howard
      Bahr's "The Black Flower", which actually deals mostly with the
      aftermath of the battle and its effect on a soldier in Hood's army.
      It too has some elements of romance boiling under the plot---but I
      would not classify it as a romance novel.

      Considering how poorly most Civil War films that deal strictly with
      the combat aspects of the war have fared at the box office---
      neither "Gettysburg" nor even the critically-acclaimed "Glory" did
      much more than break even---my guess is that all future Civil War
      films will have to feature some element of romance in the mix, if
      they want to achieve any measure of financial "success". Very few
      people have the patience or inclination to sit through a historical
      film that doesn't touch on the element of love (one of the oldest
      themes in history, after all!). A great example of all of this is
      the Pearl Harbor attack: 1970's "Tora! Tora! Tora!" is probably the
      best all-encompassing film about the event, but among other things it
      lacked a romantic angle, and thus not surprisingly it failed to
      achieve much box office success. 2001's "Pearl Harbor", for all its
      treacliness, and the stilted three-way love-triangle on which it was
      centered, didn't do too bad in sales.

      William C. Davis addressed the state of Civil War films in past,
      present and future in an essay in a collection called "Myths and
      Realities of the Confederacy"; it's worth seeking out.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Sweetsstar@... wrote:
      > Pat , Eric's book is my favorite on the subject. I like Carrie's
      story but
      > Widow of the South disappointed me with the added character to make
      it a
      > romance novel. I would rather have had the romance be the one
      between Carrie and
      > her husband. Hollywood I am sure will go for the novel over the
      > story Which is too bad.
      > Susan
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