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Southern Military Institute

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    Check here first for the latest updates! Financial Support… If you have helped us with a generous contribution, we extend our deepest thanks to you! Our
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      About Us
      Financial Support
      Southern Military Institute

      Check here first for the latest updates!

      Financial Support If you have helped us with a generous contribution, we extend our deepest thanks to you! Our financial strength gives us added credibility in the market place, and we need your help. Call our toll-free number (1-800-394-1699) and make a tax-exempt contribution using our new VISA/MC option today. You can give a one time gift, or you can direct that a sustaining gift be made monthly. FAX and e-mail may also be used for this purpose.  We now can accept your donations through PayPal! See the Financial Support section of this web site for more details..

      It Is Up To Us� Our ancestors gave so much more and in doing so, they left us with a heritage and traditions that many of us hold sacred. One out of four Southern men died in the great conflict of '61, and most who survived lost almost everything. Today our great nation is one and we stand united, but there is a need to remember the honorable times, honorable men, and ways of the past as we look to the future. If such words mean anything to you, please help. Can we not sacrifice a little to remember these men who lost all for their cause? If WE don't do it, who will?

      Robert E. Lee said it best, "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less."  Please help. 

      Southern Military Institute (SMI) is an exciting and truly unique approach to the training of young men for service to God, their state, and their nation. It is a Christian based, all male, military college that seeks to honor and support the best of Southern traditions. SMI offers a traditional Southern military education, training young men to be leaders and citizen soldiers using the proven and established "whole man" concept. SMI,
      however, has strengths that set it apart from any other military college today.


      The flag of the Southern Military Institute.

      The founders and the Board of SMI believe that a strong Christian foundation is essential for any educational program, therefore SMI is first and foremost a Christian based college.  The teaching of Christian principles, values, and beliefs in a non-denominational setting is the corner stone of Southern Military Institute.

      With a belief in the proven validity of single sex education, SMI is an all-male institution. It takes its place with only two all-male colleges remaining in the United States, and it will be the only remaining all-male four-year military college. The SMI approach is not a statement against co-educational programs that are common place, but rather it is a statement in favor of single sex education (male or female) that we believe still has a place in our nation.

      The concept of the American citizen soldier is as old as our nation itself. Likewise, an education in a military setting is a time proven approach to educating young men for positions of great responsibility. SMI fully supports these concepts. For those who desire an association with a formal military organization, SMI will work closely with the National Guard of the Southern states to help prepare young men to assume roles as officers in the Army and Air National Guard.

      Southern traditions that have been tarnished and almost lost will live again at SMI. The concept of an officer and a Southern gentleman will be the standard, not the exception. Honesty, integrity, courtesy, and respect for all men and women regardless of race, position, or economic standing will be taught and required. SMI cadets will be taught the strong points and the weak points of Southern history. All Southerners have a right to reclaim the icons of their history and to learn the values so uniquely associated with the Southern way of life. At SMI these values will to be shared by all cadets without exception.

      To these ends, the Southern Military Institute was officially formed 20 August 1997 and was incorporated on 4 September 1997 as a non-profit educational institution in the State of Alabama. The founder is Dr. Michael J. Guthrie (VMI 1977). The initial members of the corporation were Dr. Guthrie of Madison, AL, Dr. T. Conley Powell of Tullahoma, TN, and Mr. Stanley Poston (VMI 1974) of Newberry, SC. These men were greatly assisted and encouraged by Mr. Bernie R. Groome (VMI 1971) and Mr. Thomas M, Moncure (VMI 1973). The intent of the incorporators was to establish a private all-male military college modeled after the original Virginia Military Institute, which was established in Lexington, VA on 11 November 1839.

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