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March Tour to Chickamauga

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    Hi, group, I just wanted to post a quick announcement of the forthcoming Tour at Chickamauga in March. Below are the details, and please, if you plan on
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      Hi, group,
      I just wanted to post a quick announcement of the forthcoming Tour at Chickamauga in March. Below are the details, and please, if you plan on attending, please make sure you get your reservations in for Friday...
      Dave Powell

      CCNMP Study Group 2008 Seminar in the Woods.


      Mission Statement: The purpose of the CCNMP Study Group is to create a forum to bring students of the American Civil War together to study and explore those events in the fall of 1863 that led ultimately to the creation of the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park . The intent is to use the indispensable resource of the park itself as an outdoor classroom to promote learning and study of the battles for Chattanooga , and to build interest for an annual gathering that will in time examine all aspects of the Campaigns for Chattanooga . Additionally, we hope to bring students and serious scholars, both professional and amateur, to the field for to share insights and knowledge about the battles.


      2008 Theme: Friday: Wilder’s Brigade; Saturday: Defending (and defining) Horseshoe Ridge.


      Tour Leaders:  Jim Ogden, Park Historian, and Dave Powell


      Date: Friday, March 14, and Saturday, March 15, 2008. 


      Note: For the first time, Friday’s tours will involve a tour bus. We will be charging a small fee for use of the bus. See below.


      Friday Morning: 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Wilder’s Brigade, September 11-17. 1863.

                  By Bus, we will trace the route of Wilder’s Brigade in the days leading up to the battle, including significant stops at Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, Leet’s Tanyard, and Lee and Gordon’s Mills.

                  Park at the Visitor‘s Center. The bus will depart and return there.


      Friday Afternoon: 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Wilder’s Brigade, September 18-20, 1863.

                  By Bus, we will visit the various scenes of Wilder’s engagements on the field. Starting at Alexander’s Bridge, we will discuss screening operations, the retreat to Vinyard Field, the role of the Brigade there on September 19th, detached operations in Brotherton Field, and finish at Wilder Tower.  

                  Park at the Visitor’s Center. The Bus will depart and return there.


      Saturday Morning: 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Benning and Robertson Vs. Brannan

                  On foot: The critical moment of the breakthrough came when Hood’s Division, commanded by Evander Law, re-oriented to face north after passing the flank of Brannan’s 3rd Division, Union XIV Corps. The ensuing struggle between the Rebel Brigades of Benning and Robertson, opposing parts of Brannan’s battered Federal command and other Union elements, shifted the focus of the Confederate advance from southwest to northeast, and ultimately brought the action to the foot of Horseshoe Ridge.

                  Park on Poe Road .



      Saturday Afternoon: 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gracie’s Horseshoe Ridge, The battles of 1863 and 1896.

                  On Foot: Horseshoe Ridge provides a dramatic conclusion to the battle of Chickamauga . It also spawned more than its share of controversies, as regiments fought to get their monuments placed in the most prominent positions. We will discuss the actual fighting and positions of the units involved, as opposed to where the monuments are placed.

                  Park at the lot and along the road to Snodgrass Hill.




      Cost: Beyond the fee for Friday’s Bus, there is no cost for tour participation. Meals lodging, transportation, and incidentals, however, are the individual’s responsibility.


      Tour Departures: All tours will meet at the Chickamauga Visitor’s Center at the designated start time, and  depart from the Visitor’s Center. We will board the bus or car caravan to the designated parking area, and from there, we will be on foot. We will be on foot for up to three hours, so dress and prepare accordingly. Tours will depart rain or shine. Participants are responsible for their own transportation, and should plan accordingly. All tours are designed to be self-contained, so participants who cannot attend the full schedule are still welcome to join us for any portion of the weekend. 


      Lodging and Meals: Everyone is responsible for their own lodging and meals. There are many hotels in the greater Chattanooga area, for any price range. The closest are in Fort Olgethorpe , Georgia , with the least expensive in Ringgold. Each tour is designed to leave at least 90 minutes for lunch, and there are several family and fast food restaurants within minutes of the battlefield. There are designated picnic areas near the Visitor’s Center, for those who wish to bring a lunch and eat on the field.


      What to bring: Each tour will involve extensive walking. Proper clothing and especially footgear is essential. Dress in layers, wear sturdy, broken-in walking shoes or boots, and be prepared for some rain just in case, as spring can be quite wet in North Georgia. We will be walking on dirt and gravel trails, uncut fields, and through stretches of woods. The ground will be wet and muddy in places. Plan on bringing your own water and snacks.


      Reading up on the subject: Many people like to prepare in advance for these kinds of events. I suggest the following works might be of help.



      Baumgartner, Richard A. Blue Lightning: Wilder’s Mounted Infantry Brigade in the Battle of Chickamauga . Blue Acorn Press, reprinted in 2007. The perfect companion for

      Friday’s tours.


      Cozzens, Peter. This Terrible Sound. University of Illinois , 1992. The best modern study of the battle.


      Gracie, Archibald. The Truth About Chickamauga . Morningside, Reprinted 1987. For the veteran Chickamauga student only. Gracie’s narrative is incoherent, disorganized, and mistaken in many places. However, his focus is central to Saturday Afternoon’s tour, and his work contains a wealth of primary source accounts that are not found anywhere else. We will be discussing many of the same topics Gracie examines.


      Woodworth, Stephen E. Six Armies In Tennessee : The Chickamauga And Chattanooga Campaigns. Lincoln , Nebraska . University of Nebraska Press, 1998. An excellent overview campaign study.


      -------------------, A Deep Steady Thunder: The Battle Of Chickamauga. Abilene , Texas . McWhiney Foundation Press, 1998. Concise but very useful account of the battle, designed as an introduction to the action. 100 pages, very readable.


      Note: Friday’s Tours will be by Bus, as we move from site to site. While the tour itself is free, we do have to pay for the bus.

      Pre-registration Fee: $35 Due by February 1st, 2008


      After November 5th, 2007, send to:


      34664 ORANGE DRIVE

      PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA     33781


      Frank will hold your payments. If you pay by check, note that Frank will not cash those checks until we have sufficient entries, so that if we have to refund, Frank will simply send your checks back to you.


      Please also note that this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE after February 1st, 2008. Once we are committed to the bus, we will be charged the booking fee.


      On-site Sign up Fee: $40


      We MUST have 20 attendees registered and Paid by Feb 1st, or we cannot reserve the bus. Once we confirm the minimum, you will be able to join the tour the day we depart, for late add-ons. If we do not meet the minimum, we will car-caravan for Friday’s tours.


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