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Hooking discussion of CAUSES and WHY THEY FOUGHT

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  • ks
    Causes of the war is off limits for discussion on CWWT. Why they fought usually goes the same way as any discussion related to slavery. I d suggest taking
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2007
      Causes of the war is off limits for discussion on CWWT.   "Why they fought" usually goes the same way as any discussion related to slavery.  I'd suggest taking this to private email.
      Thank you.
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Civil War Movies (was Chickamauga -- the Movie)

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      > > 'Josey Wales', if your counting movies like that then on the
      > side you have all the john wayne movies, shoot even the bugs bunny
      > cartoons with ol sammity sam, put the south in not such a bright
      > picture, eh? Do you think the common southern soldier was fighting
      > for "property rights"
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      > john wayne movies never put a happy face on civil war guerillas who
      > murdered civilians.
      > the horse soldiers is a recreation of grierson's raid. grierson
      > didn't rape loot or murder. he was an honorable soldiers.
      > well the south seceeded over "property rights" {we won't delve into
      > what type of property}
      > states rights was nothing to the average rebel private,
      > so what do you think they were fighting for?
      > and its yosemite sam not sammity sam.
      I had relatives that are directly traceable on both sides, so I can
      speak to this in a relatively unbiased manner.

      If you are stating that you think that the majority of soldiers of
      the CSA were fighting for a rich mans's property, then you are
      greatly misled. They were not fighting for that any more than they
      were fighting for something as abstract as state's rights.

      I would imagine most signed up for the excitement and adventure of
      the experience and due to family/community pressure (everyone else
      was signing up). Many remained fighting becaue, in their opinion,
      their homeland was being invaded, burned and looted. They fought for
      the man fighting next to them, probably from their home town or area.

      My Southern relatives were dirt poor and neither owned property or
      cared for those who did.

      Most Northerners (including my relatives) didnt go to war in 1861-62
      as abolitionist or ready to give their life for something as abstract
      as The Union. Again, most young men probably saw it as a way to
      escapte the farm, small town or menial labor that characterized their
      life and go off on some grand adventure.

      The great majority of both sides had no concept of the horrors that
      lay ahead. Based on numerous accounts, when the shells and lead
      start flying, noble concepts immediately become far less significant
      than they once seemed.

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