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  • ks
    This board IS intended to be flame free. And so long as a moderator is reading the posts (which I admit I have not been doing the past couple of days due to
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      This board IS intended to be flame free.  And so long as a moderator is reading the posts (which I admit I have not been doing the past couple of days due to the holidays and a house full of company) that can be achieved.  I am sorry I didn't notice these exchanges earlier.  Please cease this line of discussion immediately.  Do NOT respond publicly to my email.  Any further discussion, please take to private email. 
      As stated on the home page:
      All posts concerning moderation of CWWT are to be sent to the group moderators privately and NOT to the entire group.
      I can see that one person has already unsubscribed voluntarily due to the situation.  After I've had a chance to catch up, there may be other people unsubscribed by a moderator.  Make every post from this point forward civil, please.  If you're unable to do that, feel free to unsubscribe.  You can do that by sending email to:
      Further offenders will be removed.
      This group discusses all aspects of the American Civil War as conducted in the Western Theater of operations.

      Any action that did not involve Lee's Army of Northern Virginia or the Peninsula Campaign is open for discussion.

      Unfortunately, because of their volatility the following subjects are off limits, (1) Causes of the war, (2)Slavery, (3)Black Confederates and (4)Modern day politics.

      The discussion group etiquette is as follows. (1)There will be no profanity used in any post to the group. (2) You may attack a post for its content with a rebuttal of your own, you may not attack the member that posted it.

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      Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2007 1:01 PM
      Subject: [civilwarwest] Re: Chickamauga -- the Movie

      --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "Eric" <ecarb58@... > wrote:
      > You know what, Raymond? I got down on my knees this morning,
      > thanking Jesus that I haven't gone through life with the hockey
      > jammed all the way up my butt that you have.

      ah yes, when you can't dispute insult.
      i had been led to believe this was flame free, but i guess in your
      case that isn't true.

      G&G died at the box office because it is a terrible movie.
      even cable, which will show just about anything, shuns it.
      it appeals to a small segment of lost causers,those who equate the
      confederacy with being a holy endeaver sanctioned by jesus.

      both movies were badly done, the acting atrocious,the scripts worse
      and the action lacking in any dramatic tension.{how did they ever
      manage to make pckets charge boring???}

      those two movies undid all that the movie glory did for the civil
      war, that is give it life and relevence to modern audiences.

      post ken burns there was a real interest in the war, war movies in
      general do pretty good, G-burg and especially G&G blew that apart.

      turner took such a bath on G&G that he will never try again.

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