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FW: [civilwarwest] Re: Triumph & Defeat the Vicksburg Campaign

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      I have not spent nearly as much attention to the nautical part of the war as I should and I find what you noted to be very interesting indeed.




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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > after noting that Winschel Winschel "has made frequent
      appearances on
      > > the History Channel" I finally found a picture of him and have
      > > I seem to miss his appearances there. About a million years ago,
      > > when Book TV was friendly to Civil War books, I can remember him
      > > on some of those programs and he was quite good. I can see why he
      > > liked for round table programs.
      > >
      > > One of the chapters seems to be about a sunk gunboat, the
      > > I am going to have to refresh my memory on what that's about.
      > >
      > > BTW his picture is at
      > > http://www.savasbea tie.com/authors/ winschel. htm
      > >
      > The sinking of the Cincinatti is unique because I believe it's the
      > full ironclad sunk by enemy fire during the entire war.

      Wasn't the
      Cincinnati rammed?

      A couple of interesting sidenotes regarding ironclads:

      The turret overhead is open for ventilation, covered with well spaced
      railroad iron and subject to plunging fire,

      The hull is sheathed to only a few feet below the fully-loaded
      waterline. As the boat fires it's ammo (about a ton an hour) it rides
      higher in the water, exposing more of the unarmored hull to fire and


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