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Irwinville March January 2007

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  • Joseph
    Hallo Dear Group members, I wish to invite you to the Irwinville Death March. Dont Let the name fool ya, we haven t lost one....yet. Please look over the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2006

      Dear Group members,

      I wish to invite you to the Irwinville Death March. Dont Let the
      name fool ya, we haven't lost one....yet. Please look over the
      following and if you wanna give it a shot just contact me and I will
      shoot you a registration form and directions or go to our site
      http://www.geocities.com/twelfthgeorgia/12th1.html . If you have ANY
      questions or comments then please do not hesitate to email me
      (joeyeygangler@...) or message me through Yahoo. Thank
      you for your time.


      Sgt. Joseph Gangler

      Co. C 12th GA Vol. Inf.

      Flatlander's Mess"

      Irwinville Death March

      Event Sponsored by Co. C 12th GA Vol. Infantry and the Flatlander's

      January 19-21, 2007

      The Plan:

      We will be portraying a Confederate Company on the march. It will
      take us from downtown Fitzgerald to the Jefferson Davis Capture site
      about 10 Miles away in Irwinville, GA. We will "break Camp"
      approximately *8am* Saturday Morning and march to the site getting
      there between *11am-12pm*. There will be some modern intrusions
      along the march path and that is unavoidable. This march will not be
      at "the double-quick" but we will still do our best maintain
      cohesion and prevent straggling. Given company strength is large
      enough, we hope to deploy Advance Guards, rear guards and Flankers.
      There will be many stops to rest.

      For those of you coming in Friday it has been arranged for you to
      camp at the Capture site and you will be shuttled ,or asked to
      drive, to the step off point Saturday morning, and those who will be
      coming in Saturday morning will just park at the step off point. NO

      Upon arrival on site after the march, the company will set up camps
      and settle in for a Living History until park closing Saturday
      evening, however those who wish to stay longer are encouraged to do
      so. There may be some drilling as well as fatigue duties(guard duty
      and the like) however there will be considerable downtime on site
      for those who wish to go to the Museum and such. Basically the LH
      will consist of camp life on campaign so bring those letters from
      home, period games and newspapers to read and other useful
      educational tools to show the public. Keeping in mind that the State
      Park was nice enough to host us for the weekend so be respectful of
      park staff and of the spectators and WE WILL DO OUR BEST to
      accurately represent the boys of '61-65 and educate the public.

      First person is encouraged on the march and in camp but since some
      are not comfortable with it then please respect those who do enjoy
      it and limit/stop modern talk. Nothing kills a moment quicker than
      enjoying a letter from home and over hearing someone talk about
      their new car or how their computer is working.

      Officers and NCOs will be chosen from the 12th GA Co. C and
      Flatlander's Mess this will be a good time for those officers and
      NCOs of other units to take a break and leave the headache to
      someone else. We will be attempting to form a company with
      appropriate rank structures. However if you wish to petition for a
      rank please contact us as something may be worked out, keeping in
      mind there will be representing a company and do not need "generals"
      or any "impressionists" and be prepared to cut off rank insignia if
      you show up with it.

      There will be a pre-registration fee of $20 and is Non-refundable.
      Registration will be held at the step-off site Saturday morning.NO

      Bring 40 rounds in your cartridge box and a clean working weapon.
      There will be a weapon inspection(same time as authenticity
      inspection) before we march and another one when we get on site
      performed by the park rangers. We will fail any weapons that are not
      fully and safely functioning and also any weapons that look like
      they will give you tetanus by just looking at them, so clean those

      This will be a "flat haversack" event, bring no rations. We will
      not step off until *8am* Saturday morning and it is recommended that
      you eat before we step off as rations will not be issued until we
      get to the park. Take advantage of the many fine eateries in

      *note: Times are subject to change depending on various factors. We
      recommend you arrive Friday Night.

      The Scenario:

      Marching, that's the scenario. The "average" soldier spent 30 days
      in camp or on the march and what we are attempting to do is give
      the "average" reenactor a small taste of that. No big battles, no
      secret scenario missions, no grabass in the woodsÂ…its marching.
      Sorry If this seems kind of boring but this is what our ancestors
      experienced day in and day out, weeks of boredom intermixed with a
      few hours of mind numbing terror. If you really want to experience
      what they did in some small respect then please come march with us.

      The Goal:

      The goal is to bring mainstream reenactors together with
      Progressive/hardcore reenactors in an attempt to have an "entry to
      campaigning". This event is by no means as tough as many "hardcore
      events" nor are the regulations so loose as to let in anyone like
      some "campaigner friendly" events. Also it is a chance to let those
      who do not normally get to "campaign" a chance to do so.

      The guidelines below are listed in order of preference, if you have
      questions then please contact us A.S.A.P Do not assume something
      will be "ok", ask first. Ask us if you have any questions concerning
      the guidelines, if you lack something we may be able to scrounge up
      a loaner for you. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. There
      WILL be an authenticity inspection before we step off Saturday. WE

      This is a campaign event so prepare accordingly. There will be no
      chase vehicle so if you do not think you can physically do the march
      then do not come.

      Site & General Guidelines:
      1. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!
      2. Live trees are not to be cut
      3. No anachronisms-this includes modern eyeglasses, modern
      jewelry, wristwatches, etc
      4. Smoking and tobacco use should be in period fashion only,
      such as plug tobacco and pipes. NO CIGARETTES
      5. This will be a mobile event. No Tentage will be allowed.
      6. Most important BRING A GOOD ATTITUDE we do not need anyone
      with piss poor attitudes ruining any one's good time.
      7. Women who show up in uniform will be subjected to the same
      customs of the day and will be dismissed from the service upon being
      found out. YES WE ARE SERIOUS

      Uniform Guidelines:
      All uniforms and equipment will be of period correct materials and
      construction. We are going for a mid to late war Generic Western/AOT
      Confederate impression.

      Confederate Infantry

      1. Civilian slouch hat Edge of brim as well as hat bound with silk.
      2. Kepi or cap. wool jean or imported cloth, tarred canvas or
      leather bill, leather sweatband


      1. Civilian shirts. Hand-sewn in 100% fiber. Patterns must be woven,
      no prints, with hand sewn button holes.
      2. Confederate Issue
      NO T-SHIRTS , WILD WEST, OR Other Era Shirts.

      Jackets should be of period correct materials, hand top stitched,
      and must have hand sewn button holes. We are striving for
      Uniformity, yes uniformity in a Confederate unit, since we are
      operating on a "company level".
      1.Untrimmed light Gray jean Shell Jacket
      2. Untrimmed Jean Shell Jacket
      3.Frock Coat
      4.Civilian sack Coat
      5. Any Depot jacket except the Trans Mississippi Areas or Richmond
      NO MASON PINS(unless you are a proven mason and then the pins must
      be of a correct style to the period) OR STATE SEAL PINS

      Great Coats:
      Since this will be a Winter March, Great Coats will be allowed.
      However same rules as above apply and we would prefer a very limited
      show of Federal Great Coats. Ask before you wear it.

      1. Civilian Jean. Original patterns. hand top-stitching, with hand-
      sewn button holes.
      2. Civilian Wool. Identified style, hand sewn button holes.
      3. Military Issue. Identified style, stitching same as above.
      4. Very Limited use of Federal trousers, ask before wearing them.

      1. Confederate issue
      2. Civilian shoes or boots
      3. Federal issue brogans

      1. Canvas bag of identified C. S. pattern. Button or buckle closure.
      2. U.S. issue tarred type, with buckle and with inner bag.

      1. U.S. issue smoothside or "bullseye" with or without jean/wool
      2.Tin Drum. Various sizes and styles, try to find a common
      identified type.

      3. Wooden type. Made of cedar/cypress/cherrywood, etc. Various
      styles. No plastic liners.

      Knapsacks (optional):
      1 Mexican War Style.
      3. Imported English. Issac Campbell and Co. maker.
      4. Confederate issue/manufacture of any of above styles.
      5. U. S. Issue double bag(preferably early war type)your choice if
      you want to have the wooden insert.

      Blankets and Groundcloth
      1. CS Issue
      2. Civilian Blanket or coverlet
      3. Federal Issue

      Cartridge Boxes
      1.Any Confederate identified box
      2. Tarred canvas box, with or without sling
      3. U.S. issue M 1855/61 box
      4. Imported English box

      Cap pouches:
      1. U. S. M 1850 pouch
      2. U. S. shield front pouch
      3. Any A.O.T. identified pouch.
      4. Tarred canvas A.O.T. pouch.
      5. English Enfield pouch, white buff

      Waist belt:
      1. Leather, preferably black, with any A.O.T. belt plate of buckle.
      Frame type, rectangular CSA, clipped corner CS, forked tongue,
      roller buckle and Georgia Frame are all common.
      2. Tarred canvas with above plates
      3. Captured U.S. belt and plate Please limit the use, Ask first

      1. P 1853 Enfield
      2. M 1842, 55, 61, 63, 64 Springfields
      3. 1854 Lorenz
      4. Any Rifle or Musket not listed that you may wish to bring ,
      please contact us first.

      Personal belongings.
      Anything correct to the period we portray it fine. Cards, Dice,
      journals, books, letters, writing implements are encouraged, just no
      modern anachronistic items. We recommend you a bring a small "farb
      bag" that can contain photo ID, car key, modern medicine etc.

      html pay no attention to the festival thing they are doing.


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