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FW: NARA Petetion

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Something worth doing! : ( Take care, Bob Judy and Bob Huddleston 10643 Sperry Street Northglenn, CO 80234-3612 303.451.6376 Huddleston.r@comcast.net ...the
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      Something worth doing! :>(

      Take care,


      Judy and Bob Huddleston
      10643 Sperry Street
      Northglenn, CO 80234-3612
      303.451.6376 Huddleston.r@...

      ...the greatest and the noblest man of the last century was Abraham
      Lincoln.Though America was his motherland and he was an American, he
      regarded the whole world as his native land.

      Mahatma Gandhi, August 26, 1905

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      Subject: Special Announcement from Heritage Books, Inc.

      The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is proposing a
      reduction in the hours it is open to the public, especially weekend and
      weeknight hours. This will be a major hardship on genealogists and others
      who rely on access to our nation's archives. The proposed reduction in hours
      effectively reduces access time by two days each week, a hardship for
      researchers who rely on "after work" hours for research, and additional
      expenses for visitors researching in the DC area who would need to extend
      their stays.

      At the FGS genealogy conference in Boston last week, the following proposal
      was presented to Dr. Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States and
      head of NARA. We encourage you to sign the petition online before September
      8, write to NARA directly, and contact your representative. Please go to:
      http://www.PetitionOnline.com/FGS2006/petition.html (case sensitive).
      Additional contact options are listed after the text of the petition.

      Dear Conference Attendee:

      We were honored to have Dr. Allen Weinstein, Archivist of the United States
      attend the FGS/NEHGS 2006 Conference in Boston and to address us in the
      Opening Session on Thursday, August 31, 2006. Following his remarks, he was
      presented with a letter by the Chair of the Records Preservation and Access
      Committee (RPAC) addressing concerns about the proposed changes in the hours
      of operation for the Research Rooms at the National Archives.

      It has come to our attention that very few of our constituencies are making
      their voices heard on this issue. This lack of response sends a loud signal
      to the Archives that this is not a serious issue and that closing the
      Archives on evenings and Saturdays is irrelevant. The RPAC has recommended
      the following suggestions for the Archives to consider:

      1) To accommodate the needs of those who need access on Saturdays, we
      propose that you close one other day per week. This would be at your
      discretion. Other archives often close Sunday and Monday.
      2) Users who need evening hour access could be accommodated by opening the
      archives later in the day, again at your discretion.

      If you agree with the recommendations stated above, we are asking your
      support by immediately going on-line and adding your "signature" to our
      petition to substitute the hours of access and still help the archives to
      meet their need to consolidate their hours of operation. Before 8 September
      2006, please go to: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/FGS2006/petition.html
      (case sensitive).

      If you would like to send your own personal letter, send it prior to 8
      September 2006. Address it to:
      Regulations Comments Desk (NPOL)
      Room 4100, Policy and Planning Staff
      National Archives and Records Administration
      8601 Adelphi Road
      College Park, MD 20740-6001

      More information and contacts:

      E-mail your representative in Congress through the "Write your
      Representative" webpage at www.house.gov/writerep

      For comments sent by postal mail, NPOL will accept any comments on the rule
      postmarked by September 8. As long as the postmark is before or on September
      8, NPOL will consider the comments.

      Hand-carried delivery to the address in the interim final rule: Before 5:00
      p.m. Eastern Time on Sept. 8.

      Other methods of submission:

      Via http://www.regulations.gov and fax: Comments should be sent before 5:00
      Eastern Time on Sept. 8. The regulations.gov system might be able to accept
      comments until midnight Eastern Time (i.e., 11:59 p.m. or earlier), but
      earlier is better to avoid a comment being missed because of time


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