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Re: Interesting entry in Sherman's correspondence

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  • Tony Gunter
    ... judgement. ... AOT. ... Also, keep in mind the text of Sherman s order: break the railroad above Resaca, and return to the mouth of Snake Creek Gap.
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      > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, DORR64OVI@ wrote:
      > >
      > > I recently finished Gary Ecelbarger's work on Logan and he
      > describes a scene
      > > with Dodge, McPherson, and Logan together on the heights beyond
      > SCG. Dodge
      > > deemed it impracticle to advance and Mac accepted his
      > Logan
      > > argued vehemently to be allowed to attack as he felt Resaca could
      > be taken. Black
      > > Jack was overuled and forced to withdraw with the rest of the
      > >
      > I view this similar to the way the XVII corps operated in the
      > Vicksburg campaign: McPherson was the brains of the operation, and
      > Logan was the brawn.
      > Two full Confederate divisions were bearing down upon them from the
      > north, and by daybreak would have been between the army and their
      > wagon trains (and, thus, their digging implements) if McPherson had
      > chosen to storm Resaca. Compounding the situation is the fact that
      > Polk's troops had begun to arrive on the field, and McPherson could
      > only guess at their location and strength.

      Also, keep in mind the text of Sherman's order: break the railroad
      above Resaca, and return to the mouth of Snake Creek Gap. McPherson
      could not carry out this order as worded. If Sherman really felt
      that McPherson's role was to place himself across the railroad and
      receive the full fury of Johnston's counter-attack, why didn't
      Sherman ensure that McPherson had cavalry support? Why didn't
      Sherman have other troops following McPherson through the gap? Why
      wasn't Sherman there himself to supervise the operation?
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