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Re: Jefferson Davis in Palmetto Ga.

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  • gnrljejohnston
    ... at ... time ... (duh). ... recall ... side ... Augusta, ... to ... this ... it. ... or ... a ... Bill, Just in speculation, I would think that he would
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23 4:01 PM
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Bruner" <banbruner@...>
      > After the fall of Atlanta, Jefferson Davis visited Hood and the AOT
      > Palmetto Ga.. This had to have been one heckuva of an oddessy.
      > I'm not sure what RR's were still in Confederate control at this
      > (late September 1864) I do know he could not go through Atlanta
      > He would have had to have approached from the West. I think I
      > that he made a visit to Montgomery which would have been a slight
      > trip from Opelika Al.
      > Tracing his trip in reverse from Palmetto it appears that he would
      > have to had gone from Palmetto, Opelika, Columbus,Ga, Fort Valley,
      > Macon, Gordon to Millen. From Millen he could have gone to
      > Charleston or Savannah. Istm that at some point he would have had
      > have gone thru Wilmington, and Goldsboro NC. or perhaps Danville Va.
      > Anyhow my interest has been stirred (for some obscure reason) in
      > trip. If anyone can help with his itenerary I would appreciate
      > Even if you know he visited or passed thru Augusta, Savannah, and
      > Charleston would be helpful. I think he used the occasion to make
      > number of speeches to bolster Morale.
      > Bill Bruner

      Just in speculation, I would think that he would have gone through
      Danville. My reasoning for this is that after the fall of Richmond,
      he did move to Danville. (four houses down from my cousin's :-) )
      From Danville, once again he went to Southern GA where he was
      caught. Could it be that he followed the same route going to visit
      with Hood. ?????????

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