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MODERATOR'S NOTE - Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Vicksburg - Absurdity

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    You can find a new topic any time you please. Go ahead and suggest something. Other members of the group may choose to continue. That does not mean that you
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      You can find a new topic any time you please.  Go ahead and suggest something.  Other members of the group may choose to continue.  That does not mean that you must continue to participate.
      To everyone on CWWT, just because something is posted here one does not NEED to respond.  At times, particularly when the discussion's become circular or less than cordial, IGNORING further posts on the topic is advised.
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      Can we please find a new topic?  Arguing if this was or wasn't a campaign is pointless, its still 12 authors to zero saying its a campaign.  When you said "If you're making an appeal to authority in this group, you're barking up the wrong tree" do you mean that you don't care at all what previous historians have written?  Even the authorities on a battle get things wrong but the bulk of the their work is still revelent.  If you don't care what people have written before then how in the world do you study anything in the war?
      --Nick Kurtz

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